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Update needed — apparently not NBC[edit]

It looks as though KKHJ-LP may not have joined NBC. South Sea Broadcasting's website has a page for "Island Television," which mentions "UHF Channel 30". The programming mentioned seems to point to KKHJ-LP being an independent station. Apparently what happened was that American Samoa, until very recently, still could not access any of NBC's normal live feeds, leading to the type of weeks-long delays that had become unheard-of at most remote stations following the networks' move to satellite delivery; as a result, marquee NBC Sports telecasts were often shown on one of KVZK's channels by way of the American Forces Network; this 2009 article mentions this with regard to Super Bowl XLIII. At that time, South Seas still had rights to NBC; however, it seems that this is no longer the case, and as of 2011 KVZK has arranged to import Honolulu's KHNL! Obviously that seems to indicate that the plans for "NBC 30" are officially dead and gone… (and is it really a surprise given that in 2010 KVZK began to import KGMB, which by then was already run in tandem with KHNL?) --WCQuidditch 19:57, 1 September 2012 (UTC)