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The coordinates in the article are not exact, they are almost a third of the way towards Rabaul. Better coordinates are: -4.309267,152.010226 The area seems to correspond well to the hand-drawn map in the article, but the bridge in the hand-drawn map is gone and there is no airstrip visible (own research using google maps). — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:50, 16 September 2012 (UTC)

We are normally wary of original research, but it certainly seems like the coordinates are simply wrong and yours are more accurate. This site,, gives the coordinates as 152.015E 4.313S which are close to yours. However, it's not ideal as a source -- while I don't particularly question the reliability of this article, it's a self-published tertiary source. I'd go with, but I don't see coordinates on any of their pages related to Keravat. --Yaush (talk) 18:31, 17 September 2012 (UTC)