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Is the following comment correct (found on the "Kilogram per cubic metre" page)? "To convert from g/cm³ to kg/m³, multiply by 1000; divide by 1000 for the opposite conversion. A gram per litre is identical in value to kg/m³"

I was thinking it would be g * 1000, and cm * 100 (to covert to kg/m³). I would think kg/m³multiplied times 1000 would be g/mm³(mm instead of cm)? I'm no math wiz -- so I'm probably being clueless on this. (27 August, 2005)

To go from kg/m³ to g/m³, you would multiply by 1000, since there are 1000g = 1kg
To go from g/m³ to g/mm³, you would divide by 1000³ since there are 1000mm = 1m
So you are correct that it's wrong but not quite as you said. Ian Cairns 02:42, 28 August 2005 (UTC)

=g/cm3 convert Kg/m3

=(1/1000)/(1/100)3 =1000