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Canadian Engineering Student Societies vs. Professional Associations[edit]

To bring the Canadian component of this page into line with the spirt of the rest of the page, the following needs to happen:

  1. Create a new page called Canadian Engineering Student Societies or something like it.
  2. Move the bulk of the info from the Canada section to that new page.
  3. Create new links to the provincial and territorial Professional Engineering associations.
    • APEY
    • NAPEGG
    • APEGBC
    • APEGGA
    • APEGS
    • APEGM
    • PEO/OSPE
    • OIQ
    • APENB
    • APENS
    • APEPEI
    • PEGNL
  4. Add note that Engineering Societies in Canada usually refers to student societies, w/ link.

I will be working on this when I have time. UMwoodr0 06:47, 20 February 2006 (UTC)

17 June 2006 edits by[edit]

To I think I can understand your efforts to make the list of societies more organized. However, in making your edits, you removed a lot of the context surrounding the societies of certain countries and regions (i.e. the different meaning of Canadian engineering societies, the UK granting of professional credentials, etc.).

While I agree that this article is not very good and needs more work, we should figure out a strategy to divide the information into new articles, etc. before deleting information from this page. Thus I'm reverting to a previous version of the page. However, I would like to work with you (if you're willing) to improve the organization and content of this article. Let us discuss below how to best deal with the organization and wide variety of information on these pages. Feel free to disagree with my treatment of this article, but please discuss your objections here so that we can have a debate instead of an edit-war.

Also, if I may make some suggestions to make future interaction more productive:

  • Consider creating a Wikipedia account, so that we know who you are and so you can stand behind your work.
  • Please fill in the edit summary whenever you make an edit. It allows other users to quickly understand your changes on the History page, and makes it easier for editors to do their jobs.
  • If you're making major changes to the content of an article, and especially when you delete a lot of content, please discuss the changes on the Talk page and/or post the deleted material on the Talk page, along with your reasons for deleting. See WP:Bold

Thanks! UMwoodr0 22:41, 17 June 2006 (UTC)