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MIL details[edit]

Microsystems International Limited (MIL) was a subsidiary of both BNR & Northern Telecomm. It was a semiconductor manufacturing company based in Kanata Canada, outside Ottawa. MIL manufactured Silicon ingots, wafers, semiconductor parts, and board level systems. This included: high power components like power diodes and SCRs; LEDs and gates; and computer parts such as shift registers, RAM, EPROM, and CPUs (designed internally). They purchased the Intel 1103 Dynamic Ram technology from Intel and was one of it's subsidiary manufacturers. Most of their RAM production was sold as board systems which they producted internally. The MIL designed and built 4 bit CPU sat between the Intel 4004 and 4040 architectures in power and capability (and timeframe). MIL also produced a 4 function calculator making everything from the control chip (a purchased design), keypad, LED display, to the case. It was made for the Canadian market. (Forget who - maybe Simpsons?)

Note: As I was a Waterloo Co-Op student at MIL for 2 work terms (8 months total) I feel that someone with more knowledge of its history should integrate the above into the main article. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:40, 9 August 2010 (UTC)