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Sons and daughters of the town[edit]

First, 'Sons and daughters of the town' is not an encyclopaedic category - it is 'tourism speak', a form of tourism advertising which, in my view, is a type of weasel words and of puffery. For more, see WP:PEA and WP:WEASEL. The section-heading 'Notable residents' is all that is needed here. I propose, therefore, that the subsection heading of 'Sons and daughters of the town' needs to be removed. Second, while I'm not going to state his name here, there is currently an edit war to include and then to remove, to include and then to remove, the name of the most notable person of recent years associated with Montabaur. There needs to be an intelligent debate about this matter. I propose that there be a discussion here in Talk:Montabaur about the inclusion of the person's name under the heading 'Notable residents', where the person is referred to in Talk:Montabaur only by his initials. (Otherwise, when it comes to external search engines, it rather defeats the object of the discussion). Given that there is currently a Wikipedia entry for this person, that has not been merged into another Wikipedia article, despite a proposal to do so, I contend that this person currently meets, de facto, the notability criterion for entry in Wikipedia. If this person does meet the Wikipedia notability criterion, WP:N, then the person's name needs to be included in the Montabaur article. This is because there is no dispute that he was once a resident of the place, and by all accounts grew up in Montabaur. (talk) 06:40, 5 April 2015 (UTC)