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First described by[edit]

Was nice to see an article on this. Reading through various things I was getting confused about whether it was in fact Pinel's concept as it says, or Prichard's. Looking back, this article originally said it was first described by Prichard, but about two years ago an anonymous IP editor changed it to Pinel, and a few months after that another anonymous editor added a requested source - the book Criminology by Siegal. However, I have just checked and it merely says Pinel 'claimed that some people behave abnormally even without being mentally ill. He coined the phrase manie sans delire...' and doesn't mention or equate it to 'moral insanity'. It seems from the sources that Prichard coined this specific term and diagnosis, while acknowledging the similar ideas first developed by Pinel and others, so I'll change it around a bit. Eversense (talk) 19:41, 4 January 2012 (UTC)