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General proposal[edit]

I propose to add all articles on all Nikanors listed in Smith's public-domain Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (wiki template {{SmithDGRBM}}). See below for a full list.

In view of the facts that

  1. all of these Nikanors are Hellen(ist)ic by origin,
  2. the pronunciation is the same either way, and
  3. it's not 1911 any more,

I suggest that all Nikanors have the spelling "Nikanor", rather than using the Latin Nicanor (I always feel Latin is a weird choice of language for spelling Greek names). If anyone insists that names in brackets below be in their Latin spelling, Nikanor should also take a Latin spelling in those cases; there's no need for consistency.

EDIT: My attention has now been drawn to Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Greek). I'm extremely discontented about it and regard Latin as irrelevant but there we go. Life goes on, even if people's own names don't. Petrouchka 12:13, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Proposed list of Nikanors Nicanors

Numbers in brackets indicate the length of the article in Smith. Equivalences to the names of the four existing articles on various Nikanors are also noted.

In history:

  • Nicanor (officer of Cassandros) (very long), = Smith i.6, = current Nicanor (Greek general)
  • Nicanor (governor of Media), Macedonian officer, governor of Media under Antigonos (long), = Smith i.5
  • Nicanor (son of Parmenion), officer under Alexander (24), = Smith i.1, = current Nicanor of Macedonia
  • Nicanor of Stageira, messenger sent by Alexander to the 324 Olympics (11), = Smith i.4
  • Nicanor the Elephant, a Macedonian general under Philip V (11), = Smith i.10
  • Nicanor (friend of Demetrios I of Syria), killed by Judas Maccabaeus' forces at Bethoron (19), = Smith i.13
  • Nicanor (son of Patroclos), also defeated by Judas Maccabaeus (10), = Smith i.12, = current Nicanor (Syrian general)
  • Nicanor (son of Lagos), general of Ptolemy (6), = Smith i.8, = current Nicanor (Egyptian general)
  • Nicanor of Syria, assassin of Seleucus III (6), = Smith i.9
  • Nicanor (father of Balacros) of Cilicia (6), = Smith i.2, = current Nicanor of Macedon
  • Nicanor (son of Balacros) (2), = Smith i.3 (only worth including because of possibility of confusion with the father of Balacrus, above)
  • Nicanor of Epeiros, son of Myrton, supporter of Charops (5), = Smith i.11
  • Nicanor (son of Antipater) and brother of Cassandros (3), = Smith i.7

In literary history:

  • Nicanor Stigmatias, the Homeric grammarian (15), = Smith ii.3
  • Saevius Nicanor, Roman grammarian (14), = Smith iii.1
  • Leandros Nicanor, author of the Metonomasias (10), = Smith ii.5
  • Nicanor (adopted son of Aristotle) (4), = Smith ii.1
  • someone mentioned in Epicurus' will (2), = Smith ii.2 -- OMIT, not notable
  • Nicanor of Cos, author of a commentary on Theocritos (3), = Smith ii.4

If suggestions/feedback/resistance isn't posted either here or on the discussion pages of the existing articles by 30 September, I'll go ahead and change the dab page, and request moves for move the existing articles to the names suggested above in bold. Sorry to rush you, but I'm on a roll! Petrouchka 10:27, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Edited Petrouchka 12:13, 27 September 2006 (UTC)