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The iteration of Bluetooth used in this phone needs to be confirmed. It may be Bluetooth 1.2, there are contradictory specs out there. 23:15, 6 February 2006 (UTC)

Long sentences[edit]

This article is very hard to read; obaid the sentences are just too long. It needs editing. I dont understand alot of it so i cant do it. Thanks Wright123 19:36, 13 April 2006 (UTC)

Bluetooth 2.0 confirmed[edit]

It's bluetooth 2.0 since, it's the same specs at the nokia website.

Clean up[edit]

I've restored the talk page and done some clean-up on the article. I'm going to check into a couple of the unreferenced claims, since AFAIK the N70 can't play N-Gage games (if for no reason other than that the physical card sizes are different, and AFAIK there is no online delivery system). Wibbble 17:33, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Nice work. For the record, the N70 can play N-Gage games, but only via illegally hacked game files and some workarounds. That's somewhat different to the claim made in the article, which it appears was based on unfounded speculation, so I certainly have no problem with you removing it. — Impi 22:13, 18 November 2006 (UTC)
Interesting, and thanks. Wibbble 23:17, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

No references to firmware?[edit]

I fail to see any reference to this phone's firmware nor its issues. It seems that no one can but some criticism in here, because it's "not relevant". Seriously, then what is relevant? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 13:58, 19 January 2007 (UTC).

No, you can't talk much about firmware versions because it's not verifiable from reliable sources. Nokia don't publish much information on firmware, so anything you post will be hearsay and speculation - this is inherently unreliable and thus unencyclopaedic. Also, most 'complaint' sections I've seen on mobile phone articles are pure original research by someone who has one of those handsets and wants a forum to complain about it. That's not what wikipedia's about. If you want to do that, take it to the Nokia discussion boards or somewhere similar. Wibbble 18:41, 19 January 2007 (UTC)
No, you can't talk much about firmware versions because it's not verifiable from reliable sources. Nokia don't publish much information on firmware, so anything you post will be hearsay and speculation - this is inherently unreliable and thus unencyclopaedic. Wrong there. Not only Nokia publishes their firmware information, but you also have available a tool called Nokia Software Updater that searches for updates and updates your mobile phone if an update is found (firmware listed, etc). So let me get this straight... operative systems; programming languages; programs; etc; they're all entitled to have a (latest) numbered version, but mobile phone firmware can't? Seriously dude... -- 22:03, 16 June 2007 (UTC)
NSU is a tool for updating software, but Nokia does not publish changelogs or any other useful information for firmware versions. You could use the web tool that goes alongside NSU to determine what the newest software available through NSU is for a specific product code, but that's it. (And remember that NSU is not the only way to do a software update - service centres have access to a much sider range of software than the NSU tool.) If you have a reliable source for firmware changelogs or latest software versions, then be bold and include it in the article. Wibbble 13:28, 17 June 2007 (UTC)
It's a tool for updating firmware. I won't be bold when my job is on the line*. There's nothing wrong with posting the latest firmware/software information of a given product, but I will not reveal what is inside corporate newletters* and dev notifications*. Nokia publishes no information on that for the general public, but that doesn't void the information itself. -- 18:44, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
Actually, yes, that does void the information for the purposes of wikipedia, since it means that you cannot provide any references, and so anything you were to add would not be verifiable. Verifiability is one of the core principles of wikipedia, and not something that can be dismissed. Wibbble 19:04, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
No, you can't talk much about firmware versions because it's not verifiable from reliable sources. Erm... what do you mean? You access their website and find out your firmware. May I salient: their = Nokia's? -- 10:49, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

Link to a Nokia N70 Review[edit]

I would like to suggest adding my review of the Nokia N70 along with the other reviews.

If you think that this is a legitimate review that could be featured in here, let me know. Thanks.


"NOKIA N70 MUSIC EDITION comes featured with a stunning 1 gigabyte dual voltage reduced size multimedia card. it simply rocks. It comes with hundreds of nice songs which one can listen after activation. Activating songs is a little embarrassing, though it takes only one premium sms to be sent on a given number (its charge is rs. 3 in india with Airtel service provider), when the activation codes for all hundred songs start to come.:-) you need to have a lot of patience to complete and erase the massages. To be exact:-) you have to delete 101 mms. But the songs are really cool like "summer of 69", barbie girl (aqua), i cant help falling in love , candle in the wind etc.. In india there are also some good hindi tracks. N70 sUPPORTS STEREO QUALITY MUSIC OUTPUT BUT ONLY through THE HEADSET. DESPITE BEING A MUSIC EDITION SMART PHONE, IT SPORTS A MONOPHONIC LOUD SPEAKER. I THINK ITS A HUGE DOWNSIDE OF THIS STUFF. IT SHOULD HAVE A STEREO SPEAKER TO GIVE ITS "MUSIC EDITION" EMBLEM A SUCCESS. ITS ANOTHER FLAW IS A REALLY OLD REAL PLAYER WHICH DOES NOT HAVE SUPPORT FOR .rmm MUSIC FILES. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SUCH MUSIC FILES FROM ."

umm...i REALLY hope this is not just me that thinks this should just be deleted.REALLY.HOPE.SO. Thanks to whoever removed that. ~~mcfaddenator~~

"Smallest Series 60 handset[citation needed]"[edit]

I've removed this statement: "At the time of its launch, the N70 was the smallest Series 60 handset[citation needed]". It wasn't, the smaller 3230 was already out:

  • The Nokia 3230, announced 02-Nov-04, is 109 x 49 x 19 mm [1]
  • The Nokia N70, announced 27-Apr-05, is 108.8 x 53 x 22.8 mm [2]

-- (talk) 09:06, 4 February 2008 (UTC)


Definitely not a self created picture, I'll upload a self-taken one of mine as soon as I can upload files. Jupter-manzana (talk) 07:35, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

Done, can we delete File:Nokia N70 New.jpg now? Jupter-manzana (talk) 05:06, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

Release date[edit]

Did this phone become available on Q4 2004 or Q3 2005? Both are mentioned in the article...

Evert (talk) 07:25, 6 February 2009 (UTC)

N70-5 errors section is a mess - deleted[edit]

I've deleted this section, because it's a complete mess. I've copy pasted it below, if anyone thinks it's worth including/cleaning up, knock yourself out

N70-5 model Malfunction and Errors[edit]

If there are series of errors and malfunction of this unit. Here are some of the answers that may cause problems of the owner. >VIRUS 1. If the N70-5 has a virus here are some of the signs that your unit may encounter:

a.If the virus called malware has been through to N70, it will affect all your files not only in the phone memory but also it will affect 
   the  memory card and replace or may corrupt all the files that has been saved to the corresponding memory.

2. If the virus called worm, which affects the entire program that controls the cellphone unit.


a. NEW MESSAGE- It will manipulate all the text that has been type and if the text send to the receiver it will appear null or nothing.

b.INBOX - All the message might be corrupt nor the virus prevent the user to open the particular text. Another problem is the virus can rearrange and manipulate the given information of the text regarding the time and date. Another one is the message of the sim that has been inserted will be left on the inbox of a cellphone unit. Because this particular virus that cause of malfunction of the cellphone unit can create lots of copy of files that will automatically appear on the inbox and it will serve as the co-virus that will affect the settings of the INBOX that cause of the wrong information of date and time.

c.MY FOLDERS- Just like in the inbox there is a possibility that all the files may corrupt and can be deleted.

d.MAILBOX- The owner or the user cannot obtain services fro the internet.

e.DRAFTS- All the message might be corrupt nor the virus prevent the user to open the particular text.

f.SENT- Once the N70 has been shutdown all the files in the sent items that has not been send will go through the outbox to be recognize as deffered, or meaning the text does not send. Here is the problem that give sign that N70 has the virus which affect the program and software of the cellphone unit. The virus worm can manipulate the information of the text regarding the time and the date that can specify when the text has been sent. Because of this the program of SENT will give wrong information due to the breakage of command of the program that the virus block.

g.OUTBOX- Some of the text and files may sent automatically without the permission of the owner. It is because the program that has been affected by the virus will also manipulate the command. But it does not happen all the time, if the virus is not that too large to affect the entire N70.

SOLUTION: The only Solution for this problem is taking the N70 to the NOKIA outlet and also to the CP Repair Shop. Install Anti-Virus and scan to clean all the affected files and delete the virus.


  1. ^ Non-3G Nokia N70 (N70-5) has been FCC approved