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Churches in Paonia[edit]

Local folklore has it that Paonia at one time held the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most churches per capita of any town in North America. Whether or not that was true, it probably isn't the case any more. However, the town does boast of a large number of churches.

Driving through Paonia, visitors will notice that most of the churches are nestled within neighborhoods on tree-lined streets, hearkening back to a time when churches were part of the fabric of everyday life. Most church buildings in Paonia have very little parking, indicating that most people simply walked to church in times past. Many denominations are represented in Paonia's churches, including Southern Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Friends, Christian Church, Nazarene, and Methodist.

At least two of Paonia's churches can trace their roots back in the town to the late 1800s. Both Paonia Friends Church and Paonia Christian Fellowship have buildings that are over 100 years old, with the latter being officially recognized as a National Historic building.

Many of the churches in Paonia can be seen by driving east on Third Street from Grand Avenue(the town's main avenue), with churches located on both sides of the street. Other churches can be found within the local neighborhoods a block or two off of Third Street.

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