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Who ever wrote this didn't have a very good grasp of American politics[edit]

For one thing, the State of the Union adress is not connected with party organiztion, so it is out of place.

For another, it seems to confus the British party conferences, which are more like party congresses, with the congressional party orgs. The analogous funtion to a party conference in the States' is the party convention. I suggest an article which would cover the terms "party conference, convention, and congress" and and cover the partisan assemblies in different countries.--Dudeman5685 19:06, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Conference vs. Congress[edit]

This article, Party conference should be kept separate from Party Congress, and perhaps, should even have the aforementioned merged into it. The analogous definitions (and uses) of the words conference and congress can lead to much confusion. In some cases, these two terms are used interchangably, both acceptably and unacceptably, but the distinction ought to be made clear in Wikipedia.

In the United States, the term party conference is dominant, especially since the bicameral legislature there is commonly referred to as "Congress". The term is occasionally replaced with party caucus, but the word congress is generally avoided.

The U.K. generally uses "Party conference" instead of "party congress" as well.

In Russia, the two terms mean very different things, one being a meeting for discussion and consensus, but with no official power to vote or make elections. A Party Congress in Russia elects a new Central Committee, which chooses the Politburo. A Party Conference in this case is a general gathering of delegates from all Party committees, which has been called or summoned for some specific topic, but is not a party congress.

Therefore, I propose the authoring of an article which covers and disambiguates all of these topics. ~ Ross (ElCharismo) 21:36, 21 March 2006 (UTC)