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Why is the issue of payment raised here? This seems superfluous and even misleading to me. Passengers often do not pay for travel, that is why people talk of "revenue passenger miles". And a flight attendant is not considered a passenger because she or he is part of the crew, not because she or he does not pay; when a flight attendant off-duty flies back home for free, she or he is a passenger.

I think I'm going to be bold and correct this. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sredni vashtar (talkcontribs)

Proposed merge[edit]

After nine years as stubs with no hint of development out of that state, it is time to merge Revenue passenger and Revenue passenger mile here, at least until the material in those sections expands to the point of meriting separate consideration. Although I acknowledge the above point that not all passengers pay to travel, the discussion of those that do, and any distinctions between them, should be included in this article. bd2412 T 15:09, 23 October 2015 (UTC)