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Sources and Copyright Issues[edit]

A previous version of the page Paul G. Kaminski was deleted because it exactly copied a copyrighted source. I am not the author of that previous page and have no connection with it. However, to head off any problems, let me mention here that there are two writing sources for this new page: (i) material that I have written myself, not infringing on any copyrighted material, and (ii) public domain material from a U.S. Government web site (U.S. Missile Defense Agency) as cited in the references. Some material from (ii) is exactly copied, as WP allows when properly credited. I have done this and also included the {{Include-USGov}} banner at the article foot.

It seems likely that some well-intentioned bot will discover the copying from the PD source without recognizing it as PD, so I want to get this recorded here.

ServiceAT (talk) 03:03, 22 December 2011 (UTC)