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Redirect inversion[edit]

The current title "Piazzale Cordusio", while scoring a number of google hits, is incorrect; the correct name is "Piazza Cordusio". This point is supported, among others, by: 1) Google Maps 2) the official site of ATM transport service 3) the official site of Milan's municipality (see for example this article).

The expression "Piazzale Cordusio" can be seen as informal: both "Piazza" and "Piazzale" are common Italian words, the latter meaning "Big Piazza". Cordusio, being quite large, can be informally referred to as a "piazzale" by an Italian speaker, so I would keep the inverted redirect. Yet there is no question as to which is the formal name. Moongateclimber (talk) 09:38, 5 May 2011 (UTC)