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early comment[edit]

Mostly just translated from the Dutch version. Should maybe be incorporated into Indonesian_National_Revolution. emilio 15 July, 19:45 GMT

Suggestions and Announcement on History of Indonesia and Related Articles[edit]

After editing the articles Suharto and History of Indonesia and several others, I believe an effort needs to be made to refine existing articles on historical events in Indonesia, and to correct the omissions on English Wikipedia by creating new articles on major events/periods in Indonesian history (e.g. Pre-colonial, Colonial, Post-Independence, Confrontation, 65-66 Civil War etc.).

This would allow the article History of Indonesia be a more general summary-style page (for those who want a broad overview of the area's history), and allow those who wish for greater depth to examine the articles on historical eras/events. That is, those who wish to examine Indonesia under Sukarno could look at a Post-Independence Era page, without being burdened by having to navigate stuff on the Majapahit Empire.

I've started some work, creating an outline (as well as a template that can be applied to History of Indonesia related pages) that can be seen here: Template:History of Indonesia. For an idea of what I believe the target for quality and organization, please take a peek at History of Russia.

I understand this is a long task, and that no one person could be/should be in charge of all this. (Especially not me, since being born/raised in the United States, the sources I have tend to give the buleh view of things.) So I am posting this message on applicable Talk pages, and ask that folks think it over, and if possible offer any help. Especially appreciated would be any folks who could streamline the process by translating related Wikipedia Indonesia articles into English.

Please steer comments to Wikipedia_talk:Indonesia-related_topics_notice_board. --Daniel 21:37, 10 October 2005 (UTC)

WPMILHIST Assesment[edit]

Please provide references, expand where possible, and clean up the grammar. The opening sentence is nearly unintelligible, and the remainder of the article, though mostly good, needs style tweaks here and there. Thank you. LordAmeth 08:50, 10 January 2007 (UTC)

It would be nice if it wasn't so biased towards the Nationalists as well. user:mercator079:mercator079 09:54 14 Aug 2007 UTC

I actually wanted to split this article into two - one for each police action. The 'mother' article would thus be Indonesian National Revolution (which I completely re-wrote and expanded 6 months ago), of which the 'Police Actions' were the two largest Dutch military offensives. But, there is never enough time on wikipedia. As for being POV, such issues would be solved if reliable references were provided. --Merbabu 10:27, 14 August 2007 (UTC)