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I find your comments to be not reflective of the city of Pompano. Every city has its less polished areas. To say that Pompano is known locally for its strip clubs isn't accurate. You're comments are biased and I will continue to delete your fucking ass inaccurate statements. If you were to put "However the western section of the city is still in need of major improvement" or something to that effect that would be acceptable. Also, I think if you're going to make note of the problems of Pompano beach's western area you should also make note of the progress that has occured, such as the demolition of Holiday Lakes for the new affordable housing that exists today and the success of the western CRA, but I doubt you would know much about that since you seem only interested in the negative. Fort Luaderdale, Hollywood, Deerfield and numerous other cities have areas just as run down as Pompano's western area. I don't see you going to their wikipedia pages and writing about them. Again every city has its problems! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 23:33, 6 February 2006 (UTC)

allow me to respond. every city does have its less polished areas. however, I do not have the time to add such information to every city page. that is the whole point of wikipedia-- we edit what we can and what we know. if you look at city pages throughout wikipedia, you will find that there are discussions of cities' negative aspects. Niger Iwestern pompano's reputation for strip clubs. the assertion that there are several strip clubs in western pompano can be backed up by reference to a local phone book, citylink magazine, or another resourceit seems hard to assert that collier isn't, on the whole, far more run down than anything in deerfield. there is a dramatic difference in the quality of housing stock and infrastructure between these two areas and widely available crime statistics show that collier city's level of crime and general social depravity far exceeds anything in Deerfield. But I digress. As for the improvements that have happened in Pompano, notice that I have not interfered with the numerous mentions of improvements on Pompano's east side. If you are familiar with evidence that Pompano has finally started to do something about the west (after many, many years of utter neglect...I somehow remember driving on a dirt road out there in the mid nineties...and arent a lot of those houses still on septic systems?), feel free to post this. This is how you can constructively contibute to the Pompano Beach page -- by adding to it. In fact, I hope you do add something because


Oh, and photographs. This article could use more photographs. Nice pictures preferably. Not of strip clubs. (Like the one on the way to the turnpike, Cheetah's III, or the one within view of those poor inmates at the Conte jail... what is it, Pink Pussycat?) Bastiqueparler voir 14:31, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

Once again it is not a fact that Pompano beach is known locally for its strip clubs. I have lived her my whole life and I have NEVER told someone I'm from Pompano and they go "OH, the town with the strip clubs." Let me also say I was the one to contribute to the positive things such as the feature in CNN money and the East CRA. Furthermore, Deerfield beach has just as many less polished areas as Pompano, just look at Tedder and the areas west of dixie. This is also reflected in the fact that the per capita income for both cities are about the same, actually Pompano's is higher! I also find it ridiculous that the person from Fort Lauderdale has the nerve to write negative comments about Pompano and then not look at the city they live, which has more strip clubs and has as bad or worse areas than Pompano. I would think since you're being so "unbiased" about Pomapno Beach you should also be so about the city you live in, which I would think you know better than Pompano. Once again, you may say that the western areas of the city are in desperate need of repair and have high crime rates, but saying it is known locally for its strip clubs is ridiculous and very POV and I don't think Pompano sohould be labeled for that when basically every other city has them. I could say that Fort Lauderdale (Fort Liquordale) is known nationally as a sleazy beach town, but I wouldn't say that because although it is an aspect of that city, I don't think it reflects the city in general. The crime statistics aren't necessarily representative of the city's true level of crime. Pompano responds to anything and records everything, so for example, this is a true, a grandmother called the police to say her granddaughter stole her car, the police respond, five minutes later the granddaughter returns, the grandmother doesn't press charges- the incident goes down as car robbery. Bribery Scandals, any city can have that- and funny those "scandals" were never substantiated and to this day remain speculation. The loss of the police department is not necessarily a bad thing, the original intent was to save taxpayer's money with the same service for less, which honestly is not what we got but once again the original intent was good. As for mismanaged funds in Pompano, are you kidding me I've never heard that one, obviously the person from Fort Lauderdale doesn't know why there tax rate went up almost 33 percent last year. For your information, Bada Bing is no longer open so you won't be able to use that "landmark" in your directions. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 17:04, 7 February 2006 (UTC)
  1. I think you need to read WP:CIVIL. I wasn't rude to you, you should not be rude to me.
  2. The sign is still up, therefore Bada Bing makes a worthwhile landmark.
  3. Fort Lauderdale's tax rate hike and recent bankrupcy is well worth article inclusion. Want to contribute?
  4. For the first time, you actually didn't entirely delete the "offending" sentence in question. Maybe something we've said here got through to you?

Bastiqueparler voir 23:22, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

First off, Sofla954, I want to thank you. I think we are very close to a compromise on the strip club issue. As Wikipedia is supposed to work on the basis of consensus, that is undoubtedly a good thing. However, I wanted to call attention to some errors in your "scathing" previous post.

1) I have lived in Deerfield for 15 years and Broward my whole life and I have in fact heard Pompano associated with strip clubs many times, although this is not really about what we have "heard" or have not heard. 2)Thank you for those contributions about redevelopment -- they were useful. Maybe you should contribute under your username so we can give credit where it is due. 3) Good point about Tedder -- although it is only fair to mention that Deerfield only annexed Tedder a few years ago, after basically being forced to do so by the state. Oh yes, and you might benefit from a look at the political process leading to the annexation of the formerly unincorproated ares betweeen the two cities. Basically, as the record shows, Pompano tried to annex all of these areas (Pompano really wanted to hit the 100,000 mark) but was rebuffed by the residents in a referendum -- apparently these folks didn't think Pompano was so great. Also, note that unlike Collier City which was built as substandard housing for exploited sharecroppers (look at the history if you don;t want to believe this) and has basically always been a dump, Tedder homes (and the other more troubled areas of Deerfield), though they have had some problems, has decent housing stock and until the 1970s (construction of housing projects) and 1980s (general urban decline / increased segregation) was a largely working class / middle income neighborhood (and to a great extent it still is). Also, a process is underway to replace most of these housing projects with decent workforce housing and, more generally, the conditon of the neighborhood is on the upswing. Also, while this part of Deerfield generally has decent, well constructed, reasonably sized housing stock, much of Collier City consists of what might be generously described as tenemants and cracker-boxes. Also, the public housing in the troubled area of Pompano is way, way more decrepid than the public housing in the part of Deerfield you mention. It is also worth noting that an increasingly large percentage of Deerfield's "rundown" area is populated by industrious immigrants of Afro-Carribean and Brazillian descent who are hardworking and on but their first step towards the American Dream]. On the other hand, the area of Pompano you speak of is much more typical urban poverty, a legacy, generally, of the region's racist past and the fact that many of these residents are the stagnant descendents of the exploited sharecroppers I mentioned above. Also, a glance at history will show you that, even during segregation, Deerfield's African American community was generally much more working class and middle income in character than Pompano's. 4) Deerfield's per capita GDP ($23,296) is roughly the same as Pompano's ($23,938). Moreover, Deerfield's figure is deceptive, as over 10% of Deerfield's population lives in Century Village -- most of the Village's population consists of retired individuals on low fixed incomes (frequently meager pensions from largely blue collar careers). On the other hand, the poverty in Pompano is of the poor family type (as opposed to limtied income retiree variety), this is borne out by the fact that while 30.1% of Pompano residents under the age of 18 lie beneath the poverty line, only 20.3% of Deerfield residents under 18 do.

Hope that helps!!!

Yourebustedyo 01:48, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

Bastique 1)I wasn't being rude, I was just pointing out a vaild point that if you are going to make harsh observatioins about Pompano and put in the Pompano Beach article you shoud do the same for Fort Lauderdale, the city you LIVE in; That's not being rude, I'm sorry If I angered you, maybe it's because you know the validity in my comments directed toward you. 2)The Bada Bing sign may be there now, but not for long, and now it is no longer a landmark for a strip club because no strip club is there! 3)I don't take interest in finding the negatives in places, so I will not go to Fort Lauderdale's article and write about it. I think you would do a better job at writing the negatives in Fort Lauderdale than me, you did great finding it in Pompano, plus you know Fort Lauderdale better, you live there. I also don't feel comfortable criticizing other places when the place I live in is just as bad. 4)I still don't think the point about the strip clubs is really representative of Pompano, but I realized that it's pointless to delete this line because you all seem intent on having it there, I just wish that you two would also contribute negative observations to other area cities' articles as you did with Pompano. Pompano is not the Compton of South Florida and it just seems unfair that it is portrayed this way while other area cities' articles remain free of harsh observations.

YoureBustedYo Deerfield Beach was not forced to annex Tedder, if Deerfield Beach hadn't declared that it had and interest in annexing the area Tedder and other areas to the south of it most likely Tedder would now be part of Pompano. I was on the annexation committee for Pompano Beach, most residents of the former unincorporated didn't want to vote Pompano because they were ill informed and only had knowledge based on rumors. The most prominent issue was the Stefanis Case. Many of the residents thought that if they were annexed by Pompano they would have to float the bill for the lawsuit. The problem was that Pompano Beach had won the case- it was over! It is also important to note that the Pompano Beach Highlands VOTED to be annexed by Pompano instead of Deerfield, I guess they found out the facts, such as Pompano's lower tax rate, the fact that Pompano has much more open land and room to grow than Deerfield, and that Pompano's tax base is MUCH larger than Deerfield. The point about Century Village is mute because Pompano has the same situation with Palm Aire. Also Pompano Beach has just as many if not more individuals of Brazilian or Afro-Carribean descent as Deerfield; Pompano has such as substantial Brazilian population that a high ranking Brazilian diplomat (I can't remember what his position was except that it was high ranking) came to Pompano and received the key to the city. On the poverty level comment, I would like to refer you to these two, more updated profiles of the two cities and their poverty levels.

According to these reports Pompano's percentage of families under the poverty level is 14% and Deerfield's is 13%, about the same. Also according to these profile the percentage of children under 18 under the poverty level in Pompano was 32%, while Deerfield's percentage was 34%. This just further proves the socio-economic conditions of Pompano's poor is the same as Deerfield's. Deerfield beach has areas just as impoverished as Pompano. Also collier city is starting to clean up as in seen in the Holiday Lakes redevelopment. I will say that I think Deerfield Beach is more middle class while Pompano seems to be more economically stratified between very wealthy and very poor, and a smaller middle class. I know Pompano has its problems, I think Deerfield does a better job at keeping up its beach and medians which helps its image, but to try at say that there is this impression of Pompano locally as impovershed and strip club riddled is not true or accurate of how Pompano really is. Once again every city has its problems and less polished areas. It's unfair that on this website Pompano's problems are highlighted in its article while other city's articles make no mention of their problems.

Well, I must say that I have enjoyed this discussion. Good to see that we have arrived at a consensus. I guess the old Pompano-Deerfield rivalry is alive and well. Before I say anything else, I want to give you a recommendation. Since you are such a fan of Pompano's inner city, I have got to know if you have eatern at McMillon's BBQ just west of 95 on Hammondville. That place has about the best hamburger I've had -- I'd highly recommend it if you haven't eaten there ( you think a person who has no idea what he is talking about with regard to Pompano would even know about a place like McMillon's?...also, I sure hope you aren't like most of my Pompano friends who pas up the best hamburger around because they are deathly afraid to visit that area...). Also, I sure do wish that those Tedder dummies wouldn't have been deceived by those "rumors" -- that area is good for netiher our tax base or image and its votes will further dillute the east side vote in city elections, which cannot be good for the city's future ... Well, at least we were able to dodge being forced to take the highlands and cresthaven.... As for Deerfield's "offer" to take Tedder, the record is actually that the city was pretty much strong-armed to take this area by the broward legislative delegation and did so largely as a result of a deal that allowed Deerfield to also take some high tax base areas out west. Your numbers are interesting. It is no surprise to me that Deerfield has its problems, too -- I do, as I acknowledged, live there. I still reject your assertion that in order to say something negative about one city an editor has an obligation to add something similar to every other city's page -- this is a cooperative project and no one editor is expected to do all the work. I also reject your implication that we are wholly unqualified to comment on a city because we live a short distance beyond its limits -- it is clear that both of us have spent quite a bit of time in Pompano and have generally kept up to date on it in the press (although I must admit I am, in general, a bit on the dark as to what goes on in that netherland west of Federal and, even more so, west of 95). Also, I am quite willing to admit that this is a sockpuppet that I use for my more provocative edits. I would tell you my primary username so you could see some of the positive work I have done , but unfortunately, if a person were so disposed and obsessive, the pattern of my edits could used to construct a pretty good idea of who I am (especially since some of the pages share a lot of edits with a user name that is in fact my name -- from my early days on the wiki before I discovered the virtues of anonymity). Be assured, I have made numerous positive contributions about your city and other cities. Good to have arrived at a resolution...I look forward to working with you to improve Wikipedia's coverage of North Broward. Yourebustedyo 13:57, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

User:Bastique's Contributions.[edit]

Let us get something extremely clear: Nothing I have added has been to the detriment of Pompano Beach's image or to this article. Contrary to my knowledge of the existence of Pompano Beach's strip clubs or the area's perception of Pompano Beach and strip clubs, I have added nothing to the article about the seedy western districts or strip clubs. The only thing I have done regarding strip clubs has been to revert the deletion of another users contributions. You should check the page's history if you believe otherwise.
In contrast, I created the map that shows where Pompano Beach is to the remainder of Broward County. I added the Pompano Beach city seal (which can certainly be improved upon, and I will do as soon as I get a decent photograph of the sign at Dixie and McNab.) I have also taken another worthwhile photograph in Pompano Beach. See article at Publix. So it's not worthwhile of the Pompano Beach article, but it certainly demonstrates that Pompano Beach is not some little ugly town.
By the way, the name I was trying to think of when I wrote "Pink Pussycat" is the "Booby Trap". Bastiqueparler voir 14:50, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

YoureBustedYo and Bastique[edit]

Well, let me first say that I hope this whole thing will come to an end. I must say though that I wish you two would be as honest and "unbiased" with your own city as you're are about Pompano. Maybe you haven't written anything negative in their articles because you have pride in your city.....I have pride in where I live. Truthfully, I do not mind you putting in negative, but knowing you both to be from Deerfield and Fort Lauderdale makes me think you two could maybe be a tad biased, posting negative observations about Pompano and posting nothing negative about the cities where you both reside in. Now I could go to Fort Lauderdale's page an upload a wonderful photo of Sistrunk or of Pure Platinum on FEDERAL HIGHWAY (maybe that could be Fort Lauderdale's seal Bastique), or I could go to Deerfield's page and post pictures of the Deerfield High area or MLK blvd in Deerfield. But I am not going to do that because I have not interest in degrading one city while my city has problems too. I never said I was a fan of Pompano's western areas, they need improvement, but I think that these areas don't represent the city overall just as sistrunk or MLK deerfield are not overall representative of those cities. Oh I have eaten at McMillion's, I like there ribs the most- but i must admit I haven't been there in a long while because the area is rough, just like areas in Deerfield and Fort Lauderdale. I wil tell you both that you should drive down MLK and see the new 3-4 million dollar civic center that's been built and the improvements to NW 6th Street that has occurred. Also, if Deerfield Beach hadn't wanted some of the areas south of it, especially those HIGH tax base areas to the west, Tedder would be in Pompano. It's also interesting that Deerfield, who was trying to "dodge" annexing the Highlands, sure did put on a strong campaign to get the Highlands, Deerfield's mayor even went door to door in the Highlands asking residents for votes. For some reason? the people in the Highlands chose to be annnexed by Pompano. I do feel bad for residents in Tedder, within the next couple of years there tax rate is going to definately go up because Deerfield is built out (unlike Pompano which has 30% of Broward's land available for industrial development)and has substantially less waterfront and beachfront properties than Pompano(pop. 100,000), which explains why Pompano's tax base is over twice as large as Deerfield's (pop. 77,000). Maybe then they'll wish they were in Pompano. I know Pompano does not have the most pristine image, but it is evovling, even if slowly- I think you two should check out the 700+ million dollar WCI Oceanside Project occuring at Atlantic and AIA, maybe that will help improve your opinions about Pompano and where it is headed.

You people are ridiculous![edit]

I came to check up on the Pompano page and other city pages and saw that another wikipedia user changed the error on the Pompano does have three miles of beachfront....lets get real..his map clearly illustrates it has actually alittle more...the beach doesn't stop in the middle and then start up again....and even though AIA is a north soud road that goes directly parallel to the beach you seem to say that it's not right...give me a break. it has over 3 miles, but it definately has three. Also I found it interesting that the user who did this, who must have read Bastique's boosterism placed on fort lauderdale's page and his stark harshness about Pompano's "strip club" problem on Pompano's page. I guess he decided to be as truthful about fort lauderdale as Bastique was about Pompano. Bastique didn't like that and removed the word strip club from Fort Lauderdale's page...that's so hypocritical. Fort Lauderdale has as many strip clubs as Pompano and if it's on the Pompano page it should also be on that city's page...but I'll tell that user to just forget it don't step down to their level...they seem to be for some reason bent on putting Pompano down....You know I was up in Boston, Massachusetts a couple weeks ago and whenever they asked where I was from I said Pompano beach around Fort Lauderdale and I was shocked to find out how less than pristine Fort Lauderdale's image is....I immediateley told them that Fort Lauderdale is no longer what it was years ago that it's cleaned up into a very very nice city. I didn't say yea it still has strip clubs and very dangerous ares. I've let the strip club comment stay on Pompano's page although it is very POV in my opinion because 95% of cities have crime/poverty/social issues. It just really bothers me that Bastique can't be as honest about Fort Lauderdale as he is with Pompano. Again Pompano has three miles of beaches...the end. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 16:17, 27 March 2006

No, you are ridiculous, and obsessed with making Pompano Beach into something it's not. Your facts are also wrong. Would you like to do a Geological Survey? Mapquest is not an accurate source of information. Bastiqueparler voir 21:52, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

That's funny[edit]

Bastique, give me a break, you are such a hypocrite. Why have you never been able to answer me about why you never mention anything negative about Fort me there's plenty of things you can use. I think by putting Pompano down it makes you feel better about yourself because you live in Fort Lauderdale. I cannot think of any other reason why you don't say anything about Fort Lauderdale's negative qualities but love to knit pick at Pompano. I really don't care what you think about Pompano but I'm not going to allow your biased opinion to influence other people who come to visit the Pompano page. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 17:04, 27 March 2006

You're funny. I'm not going to point out my many edits on Fort Lauderdale, including negative and positive. If you bothered to look through them you'd see that I am entirely honest with both articles.
Furthermore, I never added in anything about strip clubs. But someone else did and you kept reverting them indiscriminantly.
I love Pompano Beach, I live subsantially closer to Pompano downtown than Fort Lauderdale. It's why I'm as active in the Pompano Beach article as I am in the Fort Lauderdale article. I'm in Pompano Beach far more often than I'm in Fort Lauderdale. You're the biased one here, the hypocrite, not I.
Also, someone (probably you, not logged in) changed the Fort Lauderdale article from "clubs" to "strip clubs" in an entirely lazy and inappropriate location. If you want to add information about the Strip clubs, do it in an appropriate location in the article. If not, then you'll be reverted, if not by me then by some other editor interested as much in accuracy as anyone else.
You are the biased author--who can't seem to even sign his/her own comments.
As you can see in the attached image, A1A clearly has about 1/4 of a mile more than the beach itself. Go to Topozone yourself if you don't freaking believe me. This is an encyclopedia, not a Chamber of Commerce. Bastiqueparler voir 22:21, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

You have got to be kidding 2.9 miles and with the curvature of the beach just like state road AIA gives it 3 miles. I have read the fort lauderdale article many times and I have yet to see anything negative. The closest thing on that is negative on the page is that it's a spring club mecca, a party city...... sugarcoating it. I am not biased trust me I have allowed the ridiculous strip club quote stay there. I didn't put the strip club thing in Fort Lauderdale's page, if I really cared to do that I would have done it months ago when my this issue came up. I do find it hilarious that you DO NOT write anything negative about Fort Lauderdale and that is the truth. Why don't you write about Fort Lauderdale's strip clubs? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 17:30, 27 March 2006

For the same reason I haven't written about Pompano Beach's strip clubs. I've never been inside of them. Bastiqueparler voir 22:35, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Afterthought: Even if it is about 3 miles... it's still about 3 miles. It's not exactly 3 miles and there's no definite proof it's over 3 miles. Bastiqueparler voir 22:44, 27 March 2006 (UTC)


Those are you're negative comments about Fort Lauderdale.........those are the worst you could possibly think of

1) Fort Lauderdale got hit by a hurricane... wow, that's much worse than saying it has strip clubs and Sistrunk blvd 2) An amtrak crash occured at Cypress Creek Road..... crashes occuring do hurt cities reputations 3) Fort Lauderdale has a housing crisis.... this is not something your using as a negative comment, it implies that Fort Lauderdale is so desirable that the wealthy can only afford to live there. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 17:43, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Bastique's Map[edit]

Since you're being so technical i will be too. First If you look at you're map the measurement line doesn't start at Terra Mar Drive, but alittle North of it. Also your measuring line goes in intervals of 0.8, it's so convenient that they have a marking for 2.9 miles out of nowhere at the end of Pompano Beach. I think I'll go with mapquest before your obvious homemade diagram —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 17:48, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

If you're going to be a smartass, you'll see in my picture description that I put, "Modified in Adobe Photoshop", i.e. I copied the scale from the bottom and repositioned it, to scale, measured 5/8 of the distance between 2.4 and 3.2 miles and typed in 2.9 exactly in that location. I explained where the image came from (Topozone, which is far more accurate than Mapquest will ever be), and explained my methodology. This is an encyclopedia. We deal in facts. We are allowed to use scientific methods to explain those facts. Bastiqueparler voir 15:39, 28 March 2006 (UTC)

Come on now[edit]

  • Re: user:Sofla954's concerns and comments. I just read over this debate and all I can say is ....are you kidding me? This whole debate stems from the word "about" being placed in front of "3 miles" in describing the length of the beach. The word "about" indicates only that Pompano's beachfront is not exactly 3 miles in length. How is this disparaging of Pompano? Frankly, it seems extremely unlikely that this beach is exactly 3 miles long. Knowing that Pompano's northern boundary is the Hillsboro inlet and its southern boundary was (I am basing this on knowledge of how north broward developed) probably based upon property ownership boundaries (or perhaps where a section ended...I could pull up a section map and look this up but it is probably not particularly important), it is extremely difficult to believe that Pompano's beach was any particular length by design...there is just not that much rhyme or reason to municipal boundaries in Broward County. Also, the beach being exactly 3 miles long seems like an extremely unlikely coincidence. Thus, in the absence of a specific reference to the contrary, the word "about" absolutely makes sense in front of any estimation of the beach's length. This term makes sense whether the beach is a bit more or a bit less than 3 miles in length. So lets end this silly revert war and constribute something constructive to wikipedia (Bastique -- you have been doign this all along; Sofla954 -- it would be great if you could expand your role on wikipedia beyond Pompano boosterism). PS..I will happily add a mention of strip clubs to the Fort Lauderdale page ... Captaintruth 02:11, 28 March 2006 (UTC)

You're Right[edit]

Okay, now that I've thought it over and settled down I realize that it really isnt that big of a deal. I think it's just the fact that some individuals alway seem to knit pick Pompano about the small things. In my opinion and from various sources I've read it says it has three miles, but I guess I'll concede this time and accept "about". I really don't care if you write the thing about the strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale becasue although it has them it really is such a trivial and small aspect of that community that I just don't see that it needs to be said, just like in Pompano. I could go to any city's page and think of something negative to say, like Lighthouse Point I could say several maurijana hydro labs have been found there, which is ridiculous to include in it's article even though its true, every city has their small problems. I look at other cities in Broward's articles and see nothing scandalous or negative written about them and it just annoys me because why should Pompano have to negative things in its article if other cities don't have it in their articles. The whole "about" 3 miles just seemed to me at the time as another attempt to knit pick at Pompano....I don't know. I am over it now. Anyway I like the new picture I put up I finally figure out how to post them, hope you all like it. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sofla954 (talkcontribs) 21:31, 27 March 2006 (UTC)

Actually, I think some mention of strip clubs is quite appropriate for fort lauderdale. being from fort lauderdale but having lived in other places, I can tell you that the city's strip club scene is a well known facet...moreover, Howard Stern frequently refers to fort lauderdale's strip clubs. a balanced article requires the good and the bad. If including strip club is disputed, I'm sure I can find a reference...but I'll just leave it as it is for now on the assumption that there will be a consensus as to this. Oh yeah, plese remember to sign your comments with four tildas. Thanks. Captaintruth 02:37, 28 March 2006 (UTC)
Let's not forget the numerous sex clubs (both gay and straight) for which Fort Lauderdale is notorious. (What city was host to Deenie's Hideaway?) I'm absolutely sure the next thing I'll write about is the Kathy Willits / Doug Danziger scandal of 1990 unless someone gets to it before me.
My original concern was only that whoever originally contributed the strip club information was being automatically reverted out of hand. I didn't do the original edits, I only reverted the deletion. I didn't contribute anything to the Fort Lauderdale article about strip clubs because I don't really know much more than there are strip clubs. My point is that I have never contributed anything negative to the Pompano Beach article. Most of my Fort Lauderdale contributions are entirely neutral—There are ample things I could add from Tourist Brochures, but Wikipedia is not a Chamber of Commerce. I add encyclopedic facts, not particularly negative, not particularly positive.
As far as my map goes, Terra Mar drive doesn't reach the beach, I started from the new Lauderdale-by-the-Sea/Pompano Beach line on the beach.
Frankly, I think there are a number of facts about Pompano Beach that are not being address that are positive, like the fact that it has one of the oldest, established black communities in Florida—there are generations of African-American families rooted in Pompano Beach. Now that the city has put money into it, Collier City is actually starting to turn around into something nice. New developments at Palm Aire are taking off. Bastiqueparler voir 15:22, 28 March 2006 (UTC)
You are right that some of the positive recent developments in Pompano could use more extensive coverage. Perhaps user:sofla954] can contribute something here...this would be a great way for that user to move beyond revert wars and spirited talk page debates. Captaintruth 01:12, 29 March 2006 (UTC)

David L Cook Resident[edit]

Captaintruth, I am going to revert the last edit and apply David back to famous residents of Pompano and Ft Lauderdale. David was raised in North Lauderdale and the Tamarac area. David is still a current member of the Margate Church of God (Which is located in the Pompano area even to this day as well as maintaining a secondary residence off Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. The article reads current and past residents. Many celebrities do not include information in bios or promotional materials that state where they have homes or spend time. It is subjective at best but still falls within the guidelines for acceptabe wikipedia material. I would appreciate that before reverting an edit that you would post it to my talk page or to the article talk page before completing a revert. I appreciate your attention to the article. Junebug52 7:59 6 November 2006 (UTC)

Please see Wikipedia:Verifiability. One key point to note are that the burden for providing a source for an insertion lies on the person adding material. Another is that "[a]ny edit lacking a source may be removed". Thus, material which does not have a source and is "sujective at best" in fact does not fall "within the guidelines for acceptabe wikipedia material". Also, even the limited informaiton you provide does not suggest that he is a resident of Pompano. Captaintruth 04:40, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

New Mayor[edit]

Please note correction: Mayor Lamar Fisher succeeded John Rayson in early 2007.

I am not clear about the source of the statement "In 2004, John Rayson was elected as the first official mayor of Pompano." found in the history section. I noticed this 2010-07-05 while I was updating the section on the city's history. How can he be the first official mayor 96 years after the place was founded? I don' t get it. I refrained from removing the statement because I want to give a chance to the original submitter to re-phrase the sentence so that it is more factually correct. —Preceding unsigned comment added by JWilliamCupp (talkcontribs) 14:04, 5 July 2010 (UTC)