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Dr. Chakravorti's comment on this article[edit]

Dr. Chakravorti has reviewed this Wikipedia page, and provided us with the following comments to improve its quality:

Generally, it is well written. The notion of price can be relative to goods or currency. Perhaps, more discussion on exchange rates. Also, a section on price stability would be useful given that it is generally a mandate for central banks. Alternatively, the section could be made shorter by leaving out the Austrian school. Overall, the section is informative and useful.

We hope Wikipedians on this talk page can take advantage of these comments and improve the quality of the article accordingly.

We believe Dr. Chakravorti has expertise on the topic of this article, since he has published relevant scholarly research:

  • Reference : Wilko Bolt & Sujit Chakravorti, 2011. "Pricing in Retail Payment Systems: A Public Policy Perspective on Pricing of Payment Cards," DNB Working Papers 331, Netherlands Central Bank, Research Department.

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