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The first sentence: "Quantum hydrodynamics is more than the study of superfluidity" -- is not much of a definition. Maybe somebody with some knowledge of the subject could reword it to say what quantum hydromechanics is, instead of what it is not. Fikus 17:37, 26 January 2006 (UTC)

I edited Q.Hydrodynamics to include Neutron stars as well. The strict definition might want to include the studies of the NS interior because I don' t know what else you WOULD call it!?.

QHD was originally applied to attempts to develop "fluid" analogues as part of the attempt to describe and/or discover about what was QM about (Madelung circa mid 1930s). These developments pre-dated Bohm's work, and indeed, QHD appears to have at least 3 different meanings (not in any particular order) I can think of:Bohm's theory of QM; hydrodynamic interpretation of single-particle Schrodinger equation; hydrodynamical description of many-body problem for bosons (i.e., superfluidity) and/or fermions. If I can find the time to do some more comprehensive digging, I can submit a new version for your consideration.

Quarkdawg 22:20, 31 March 2007 (UTC)