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POV, needs cleanup...oi vey Lockeownzj00 05:40, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)

The Style section is not specific to anarchist skinheads, and is covered on the Skinhead page. Unconventional 15:50, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

This is biased as shit.[edit]

RASH doesn't refer to simply anarchist skinheads (or "anarcho-skinheads" as it is referred to in this article- which I have never heard anyone actually say in person before). Seems like a POV error, I don't think that this should be listed under anarchism any more than under socialism or communism. It began as an organization in NYC around late 92/early 93 out of the Mayday Skins crew with supporters across the continent and in other countries. The term RASH is thrown around a lot more loosely now, and many times just refers to left-wing skinheads in general (eg "She's a RASH skin") who are not part of the original organization. Crews calling themselves RASH have and continue to sprout up in random areas of the USA where groups of left-leaning skins exist - their legitimacy in calling themselves such without contact with the original group in NYC is arguable at best and dubious at worst. A federation of many global RASH chapters exists with the blessing of NYC that attempts to manage the growth of the movement worldwide. Groups of skinheads (or even individual skins) calling themselves RASH today exist in countries all over the globe, I have heard of or talked with individuals who have met skinheads claiming RASH from all over the USA, Canada, nearly every country in Latin America and Europe, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and many parts of Asia (China, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia). Many of those are unofficial because of the fact that it's hard to validate a new group in another country if you don't know them.

I don't think references to normal skinhead style should be made in this article. Perhaps references to historic Redskin style as practiced by the French Red Warriors, the band The Redskins, and other unique aspects of the left-wing skinhead milieu. Perhaps that would all go better in a Redskin category since being a left-wing skinhead is not synonymous with identifying with RASH (many left-wing skins actually object to being labelled RASH for various reasons).

The bands that are listed don't even come close to all the left wing skinhead bands. Many of them are not anarchists so it's very inaccurate to label anything in this article "anarcho-skinhead" as i mentioned before. RASH is not synonymous with "anti-racist anti-fascist skinheads who are mad as hell" (while that is part of it). You have to have some kind of anti-capitalist politics, whether or not you are officially RASH or just claiming it as a stance.

I really hope somebody who knows what they are talking about can clean up this article and actually provide some educational information about this subject.

I'll see if I can dig some shit up.[edit]

Anyone got zine references? I can tell the NYC stuff (and consult friends to fill in my blanks), but I can't remember where all my clippings got to (like newspaper articles on skins were ever any good...)

I know there are a bunch of interviews out there: but I think my rambling drunken memories of RASH NYC wouldn't count. T L Miles 19:06, 16 May 2007 (UTC)


I don't care enough to bother with AfD, but this article is clearly a candidate. WP prefers that the first paragraph of an article specify why a subject is notable -- this article fails to establish notability in any way. Somebody ought to fix that. See WP:NOTE for what is and what isn't notable. I am adding a tag. Eaglizard (talk) 23:40, 20 May 2014 (UTC)