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Why Was It Called The Rockaway Valley Railroad?[edit]

Why Was It Called The Rockaway Valley Railroad? I guess it was because it was near the Rockaway Creek in Hunterdon County. At some point that area must bave been known as the Rockaway Valley. Not connected to the Rockaway River further north in Morris County.

If they didn't call it the Roackaway Valley RR, I'm not sure what they would have called it? The Watnong-White House Railroad? Seriously, your explanation makes the most sense. The RVRR, even if it extended to and beyond Morristown, might have joined the Morristown & Erie RR (also built by Mr. Melick), but that railroad followed the Whippany River Valley.WallyFromColumbia (talk) 18:32, 11 February 2013 (UTC)