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Urr, what was wrong with that link? HornetMike 18:42, 11 May 2006 (UTC)

I've taken out the bit about Salcombe being a fishing port, for which I can find no evidence.

I've tagged the bit about the estuary being carved out by glaciers as {{Fact}} since there's no reference for it and I haven't come across it elsewhere.

I've tried to rewrite the article to sound less like a tourist brochure :-) It needs more work but I think (and hope!) this is a step in the right direction.

As this article develops I think it might be useful to split it into two:

  • Salcombe the town, its history, economy and culture
  • Salcombe estuary, is geography, history (lime kilns...), climate; the towns, villages and hamlets bordering it etc (Batson, Frogmore...)
PS: D'oh! There already is an article about the estuary (and it's the Kingsbridge, not Salcombe Estuary). My bad :-(

Anybody know the correct name for the types of boats used as ferries on the South Sands and Kingsbridge routes?

External Links[edit]

I've removed the links

since there's no mention of this in the text and it doesn't seem particularly relevant to Salcombe (although Salcombe may be relevant to Lapthornes!)
since the relevant content seems to have gone from that site
(Salcombe page on Open Directory project) - there doesn't seem to be much useful information on that site
this doesn't seem to be strongly relevant to an encyclopedia (rather than directory) listing

I've added:

and left in

since these sites give some useful local and historical information and photograps in the absence of more comprehensive Wikipedia articles.

To Do[edit]

Add info about:

  • transatlantic cables
  • Salcombe Lifeboat
  • regattas
  • crab-wars (what's the name of the day?) - its called the Trawler Race day
  • Overbeck's
  • (micro-)climate
  • historical development (landowners, developers, builders)
  • religion? methodist decline - church demolished for luxury flats
  • more on boat-building yards etc
  • wrecks (and wreckers!) Starehole bay etc
  • Batson? - what about more on the harbour activities and also Kingsbridge??
  • pictures