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Random names[edit]

There are a list of apparently random names at the end of this article. It is not clear what these names are supposed to be, so I have commented them out. Hopefully someone can add some context to them and uncomment them. --TheParanoidOne 19:54, 15 May 2005 (UTC)

Is it not clear by reading the line above the names that they are the people who are living in the houses....

Having looked at it again, yes, it is. It doesn't make much sense to me though to list all the individuals who live in a village (or indeed a particular street) as part of an encyclopedic entry. That would be why I didn't notice the significance of the names previously. --TheParanoidOne 10:31, 30 May 2005 (UTC)

It was my intention by putting the names in as the residents and family names had not changed for more than a hundred years .Mostly for genealogy purposes as Sally brook is in the poor law union of Rathcooney and the parish of Glanmire,As a matter of interest there was one named traced from those on the list. It would be a great help (maybe)if the names were still on the page but who am I to know. I was only doing it for genealogy purposes. Why did I bother.... In future I wont be so silly... As to think it might help someone in another part of the globe.