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This article looks like it was written entirely by Sepura PR. Treat with caution.

I used to work for Sepura and some of the content is very inaccurate. The STP8000 was designed for the specific needs of the German police, it had nothing to do with climate change! And the better water proofing was a simple result of many SRP and SRH radios failing in the field due to being full of water when it was raining. Connector Protector does guard against salt water conditions it is true, but the requirement for it had absolutely nothing to do with the London Olympics. Devon and Cornwall Police were significant drivers of that requirement amongst other uses, but the Olympics were never mentioned. The article also misses out the SRG2000, SRG3500 and a number of other products.

Sepura made dummy radios for TV producers by simply gluing some spare plastic bodies and displays together. These cost next to nothing, and had no working electronics at all. SpareHeadOne 20:58, 25 September 2016 (UTC)