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Shottskirk needs to be Wikified!
So here's what needs to be done:
Check if the article is a copyright violation or meets deletion criteria. ✔ check
    Suggestion: Do a quick Google or Yahoo! search with a sentence from the article.
Check if another article already exists on this subject. ✔ check
    Suggestion: Use the Wikipedia search to see what comes up.
Add Wikipedia markup. ✔ check
    Suggestion: Read up on m:Help:Editing.
Format the article. ✔ check
    Suggestion: Read up on Guide to Layout and Manual of Style.
Remove the {{wikify}} tag (if there is one). ✔ check
Join the Wikification effort!How to use this template

All set! אמר Steve Caruso (poll) 01:28, 25 June 2006 (UTC)