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These are polls that I am conducting for some personal research of mine, as well as to see what's out there in cyberspace. Please be honest! :-) אמר Steve Caruso 16:21, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

Question 1[edit]

"In the genre of articles you edit the most on Wikipedia, what level of formal education do you have in the subject or field?"

I realize that this question entails some potential embarassment and that it may bias the results, so feel free to post anonymously. אמר Steve Caruso 16:21, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

No formal education[edit]

  1. Checking my edits, it seems most of them are in areas of culture, geography or sports, whereas my bachelor's degree is in physics, and I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Astronomy, on which I've made maybe a half dozen edits. I'd like to do more edits in my areas of specialty, but most of the Astronomy articles are already (comparitively) very well done. WilyD 18:54, 5 July 2006 (UTC)
  2. Life is not formal education, so this category fits best. To be honest, I know more that is article worthy in the subjects I contribute to than the one I got my bachelor's degree in. GRBerry 19:54, 6 July 2006 (UTC)
  3. Checking my edits, nearly all of them are prior knowledge. Which is either getting information from books or the internet. The articles I edit are Korea and/or Japan related (especially history). Good friend100 01:11, 20 July 2006 (UTC)
  4. There is no formal education for sports. Wikipedia's False Prophet holla at me Improve Me 19:29, 22 July 2006 (UTC)
  5. My only "education" is firsthand experience and whatever I research. — Deckiller 06:59, 26 July 2006 (UTC)
  6. For most edits. So little of what we learn in life is through formal education.--Alecmconroy 18:25, 26 July 2006 (UTC)
  7. I usually edit people's pages; writers, artists, and sometimes historical figures. Typically they're living, and usually I've met them or conducted interviews for magazines with them. So I suppose, no, I don't have a degree in people's lives, but I've studied them in my own way. -- 17:43, 13 August 2006 (UTC)
  8. Most of the articles I edit are of the obscures things that I never learn in school. I did spend two years studying diseases, giving me a bit of knowledge on diseases. -Diabolos 03:53, 7 October 2006 (UTC)
  9. I edit a lot on music, history, and a combination thereof. As well as a lot on my local history. I study history at school but it's very rarely anything to do with what I edit here. M A Mason 12:30, 4 February 2007 (UTC)
  10. I can almost guarantee you my school never taught me about the things that I edit. Self-study, yes, but no formal education. Blast 18,02,07 01:03 (UTC)
  11. Most of my article edits are with computer games so I have no formal education in that field. Captain panda In vino veritas 01:48, 29 March 2007 (UTC)
  12. Self-study almost entirely with the occasional dab from High School. -- The_socialist talk? 18:49, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Some high-school classes[edit]

  1. I'm still 16, so this is the best fit for me! ;) Much of what I add to Wikipedia, however, is not based on school knowledge. If I read a book, or watch a movie, and go to find more out about it, I usually add to that article. Video games are another area where I contribute in (yeah, I'm stereotypical), and once again requires nothing from school except maybe english grammar, etc. Other than that, RC patrol and reverting vandals doesn't require much either! Dåvid ƒuchs (talk • contribs) 22:37, 31 December 2006 (UTC)
  2. Well I use to edit on Peru related articles, but knowing little about it makes it a painful work, however, my dad who is peruvian helps me on editing those. So that's how I manage to edit those articles, I'm nothing here without him. --– Emperor Walter Humala · ( shout! · sign? ) 01:55, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
  3. Only 13, still in school... Charlie.somerville 05:17, 4 August 2007 (UTC)
  4. Most of the edits I make are biographical, although I suppose I have taken some history classes in college. Kthapelo (talk) 02:38, 29 May 2011 (UTC)

Associates Degree or equiv.[edit]

  1. I've taken enough math classes at the university to give me a foundation on math related articles. -Diabolos 03:54, 7 October 2006 (UTC)

Bachelors degree or equiv.[edit]

  1. Right now, this is where I'm at. אמר Steve Caruso 16:21, 28 April 2006 (UTC)
  2. (Two of them, actually). Arch O. La Grigory Deepdelver 13:10, 1 May 2006 (UTC)
  3. In the second of three years of my first BSc -- Serephine talk - 09:03, 6 July 2006 (UTC)
  4. I mostly edit social-science type/current events articles, and I'm pursuing a Bachelor's in international relations, with what can be considered a minor in Arab studies, so that relates to my rewrite of Al-. -Fsotrain09 17:06, 8 August 2006 (UTC)
  5. Most of my article writing is in classical music, which, gods help me, I got a degree in. (Though I guess lately most of my edits are dispute resolution, which I've never studied at all.) Mindspillage (spill yours?) 13:55, 14 August 2006 (UTC)
  6. Tha'ts about my level in the history & religion & literature I do. And ditto to Midspillage about dispute resolution &c. DGG 02:52, 18 January 2007 (UTC)
  7. About half my edits are in sciences or math - in which I have a PhD and Bachelor's respectively. The other half are related to graphics/illustration in which I have HS level education. I figure it averages out to about here. Debivort 15:19, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Masters degree or equiv.[edit]

  1. I have two (one academic, one professional). ... discospinster 20:56, 9 May 2006 (UTC) - but I only revert vandalism rather than contribute content, so I don't know if they count! ... discospinster 20:59, 9 May 2006 (UTC)
  2. I'm a year away from a Master's degree in the subject. —A.S. Damick talk contribs 16:24, 29 July 2006 (UTC)
  3. An MS degree on some articles, passionate amateur on others. --Tbeatty 04:18, 28 September 2006 (UTC)
  4. On the way to a Masters in Nursing (Mental Health), though this doesn't really cover my main interest - history of psychiatry in Australia. Reference Nazi for some articles, helper & wikify-er on some Australia articles Shelbypark (talk) 11:49, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Doctorate or equiv.[edit]

  1. For a few subjects I edit. --Alecmconroy 18:24, 26 July 2006 (UTC)
  2. In Classics, which is at least indirectly related to the majority of my contributions, I have a Ph.D. I'd hasten to add that I'm only involved in Wikipedia because the good editors here (most of whom I guess don't have Ph.D.'s) are making better contributions than I usually do, in the same subjects, all the time. Wareh 20:40, 11 September 2006 (UTC)
  3. for some,like biology or library science, but I do as much elsewhere DGG 02:51, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

Post-Doctoral work or equiv.[edit]


(Explain if you wish :-) )

  1. Military Leadership Training and Military On The Job Training Aeon Insane Ward 15:12, 14 July 2006 (UTC)
  2. Practical experience, either from my profession (e.g., stealth), or non-work personal experience (e.g. Zinfandel's DNA origins), or personal self-study (e.g. Stevia). Amatulic 17:45, 21 August 2006 (UTC)
  3. The answer is "yes" to many of the choices listed. There are some articles that I edit due to my experience from my undergraduate degree courses, there are some articles that I edit due to my on-the-job experiences, there are some articles that I edit due to just having access to materials and pulling in these verifiable sources. CJLippert 18:50, 9 February 2007 (UTC)


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