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All venetian snares songs are in time signatures where a quarter note gets the beat. Nobody samples breakbeats in 12 8. Aarons breaks were all initially in 4/4, hence, with editing they end up in 5/4, 7/4, 9/4. A bar of 9/8 is drastically shorter than a bar of 9/4. Was this page the first thing made by a thousand chimpanzees with a thousand typewriters?


Re: attention fuckwit: Whether a bar is in x/8 or x/4 or x/2 has nothing to do with how long it lasts in time; there is literally no way to tell how he's choosing to divide the beat without looking at some sort of notation or a file of his pieces. Wtf is your deal. -=-=-=-=-

Good grief, is this why the very helpful enumeration of Aaron's time signatures in each song were deleted? Because somebody copped an attitude about time signature denominators? Denominators are just a convention and obviously entirely tempo-dependent. Whether the beat is carried by a half, quarter, eighth or sixteenth has nothing at all to do with subdivision. If we assume a quarter note beat (which is fair, as it's the most common convention in duple meter), then nested 9/8s or 7/8s inside 9/4 or 7/4 are not only possible, but fairly common syncopations of those meters.

"Nobody" writes break beats in 9/8? Is that like nobody ends a song on a chord other than the tonic?

Sheesh, talk about a little knowledge being dangerous ...