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Safety and efficiency?[edit]

Earlier, I reverted some pretty startling unsourced claims about Southwest Gas Corporation (SGC), and those claims were put into the "Safety and Efficiency" section. I did this because they were serious accusations of deliberate violations of safety procedures, and I felt that such claims needed to be sourced, in a manner similar to the Wikipedia policy on biographies of living people. However, reading it now, it seems like that section doesn't do much other than highlight what a good job SGC is doing in being safe and efficient. While I still think that the unsourced claims should be kept out until sources are found to support them, I do have a question:
Should the "Safety and Efficiency" section have a flag on it denoting a potential lack of neutrality?
Also, I just noticed that both sources for the current page are material produced by SGC, which explains, somewhat, the rosy tone of the page's description of SGC... Anyway,
Should there be a notice about neutrality? and
Other sources need to be found, even if they say the same thing as the SGC web pages.
EricWesBrown (Talk) 20:55, 3 September 2011 (UTC)