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Callsign "Pinto"[edit]

In this edit had added this photo and explanation for Lindsey's callsign/nickname, but got deleted with one reason being lack of source cited:

He was branded with the callsign "Pinto" because of his likeness to actor Tom Hulce who played "Pinto" in the 1978 movie Animal House.
File:Steve "Pinto" Lindsey (with Tom Hulce inset).jpg
Steve "Pinto" Lindsey, nicknamed for his likeness to actor Tom Hulce (inset) who played "Pinto" in Animal House.

I expect that someone will be able to provide a source and re-add this to the article.--Tdadamemd (talk) 10:24, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Nickname in Boy Scouts[edit]

Back in July, user Shawngetten had added this statement to the lede:

His nickname was "razor back Lindsey pig".

No explanation was given in the edit summary. This edit had a strong appearance of being vandalism, yet remained in the article for over four months. I was preparing to revert, but before clicking 'Save page', I knew that due diligence required me to investigate before doing that. First, I checked into the user. 'Shawngetten' has a record of a grand total of one edit to Wikipedia (see Shawngetten Contributions). This would be consistent with a verdict of vandalism.

...but then I found this page: It lists a Shawn Getten as a contributer to a webpage about famous Boy Scouts, including Lindsey. And the inserted statement in question had been placed immediately after this statement:

Lindsey is an Eagle Scout from troop 161.

So I am open to the possibility that Shawn Getten was a scout with Lindsey or somehow has first hand knowledge about what his nickname was at that time. The action I have decided to take is to delete the statement for now because it is lacking in substantiation, and if anyone would like to re-add it then please do so with your justification clearly stated.--Tdadamemd (talk) 21:29, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

Ok, based on Shawngetten's post here, I've re-added the info. But I added it down in the body of the article where there was previous discussion about his nickname. If the info has enough relevance to justify moving up to the lede, then that can be switched. In my view, this info is still in need of more support. An explanation of what the nickname means, or how he got it would help.--Tdadamemd (talk) 22:01, 26 November 2013 (UTC)