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Thank You[edit]

Thank you to whoever edited the plot summary to correct the notion that Anthony had killed the S.W.A.T. team, which he did not. He deliberately refrained from killing them, and only mortally wounded them. I was going to edit it myself, when I noticed it YEARS ago, but never got around to it. -- Atmos 2 Atmos (talk) 21:49, 25 December 2016 (UTC)

Missing Information and Expansion[edit]

This article is too short and is missing information on the film's production, and reception. There should also be more information on the film's releases both theatrically and to home media. These are very important pieces of information that needs to be added to the article in order for it to meet Wikipiedia's standards of a well developed article.--Paleface Jack (talk) 22:27, 28 September 2015 (UTC)