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Plot details[edit]

There are only so many ways to say the same thing twice. Numerous discussions have taken place regarding the plot summary. See Archive 2 in particular as an example. As per WP:FilmPlot, the policy clearly states: The plot summary is an overview of the film's main events, so avoid minutiae like dialogue, scene-by-scene breakdowns, individual jokes, and technical detail.

These particular plot points among others fall into that category:

  • The marshals deduce that Kimble has returned by analyzing a recording of a phone call he made from a phone booth, which includes sounds of the Chicago elevated train.
  • A hospital worker raises the alarm but Kimble escapes.
  • Kimble visits a man with a prosthetic arm in jail, but realizes he is not the man who killed his wife.
  • Gerard discovers him but loses him in a street parade.
  • Kimble calls Gerard from the house and leaves, knowing the police will trace the call.
  • Gerard follows Kimble's lead to Sykes' home, interviews Sykes, and becomes suspicious.

Moovi (talk) 04:40, 08 October 2015 (UTC)

Yo. I'm very familiar with WP:FilmPlot, and in fact I spend a great deal of my time on Wikipedia deleting things from overwritten, overdetailed plot summaries. I even contributed to this user essay on streamlining plot summaries. You might have noticed that a couple of days ago I did a pass on this article's summary to remove superfluous words and details (like the fact that the bus crash results in dead and wounded, for example). What I'm trying to say is that I'm sympathetic with your position.
... But! This is a rare case where I think a summary could afford to go into more detail. Having recently watched the movie, I was surprised at how the summary glosses over details, particularly the middle act. For example, I think it's really worth mentioning the mechanisms behind the cat-and-mouse game, and mentioning that Gerard interviews Sykes. And considering we're 250-ish words under the summary limit, I think we can afford it. But that's just my feeling, and if other editors disagree, no biggie. Popcornduff (talk) 06:23, 8 October 2015 (UTC)
Understood. That's how you and me feel. Like we could add a few points of technical detail and dialogue content to really comprehend what's going on. However, to understand as a whole the concept of the story, Wikipedia in general feels that it's not necessary. Some person reading this article for the very first time doesn't need those additives to understand the plot. All they require is a gist of what's going on. That's why those guidelines were set forth to begin with. I've read hundreds of other plots where I didn't really care about the scene-by-scene playbacks. I just wanted to know the general story. Those minutae conflict with that aspect. Awhile back, in Talk Archive 2, it was thoroughly discussed. Moovi (talk) 12:02, 08 October 2015 (UTC)[edit]

Just saw the episode from the 2000-01 TV series.

For fun and curiousity I decided to try this URL for myself and it directed me to this Wikipedia article on the 1993 movie! (talk) 18:27, 16 January 2021 (UTC)