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Opening Subtitle[edit]

Not Based On the Novel By James Fenimore Cooper is actually the tag line for the next episode Put Your Head on My Shoulders, I don't have the DVDs so I can't double check these subtitles, could someone verify the correct subtitle for this episode? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Stardust8212 (talkcontribs) 02:33, 18 May 2006

The show that watches back is the tagline for this episode. But it begins with Futurama is brought to you by Arachno spores. The fatal spore with the funny name 05:47, 8 September 2006 (UTC)

great quote[edit]

Can anyone correct this quote? "Why were you wearing a turtleneck, a scarf, and this fruity number?" "It's called style?" — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 03:23, 15 August 2006

"Why were you wearing that scarf, and the turtleneck, and this fruity number?" --Fry "It's a little thing called Style. Look it up sometime." --Bender — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 05:44, 8 September 2006

Flexo's beard[edit]

Does anyone know if Flexo's facial hair is a reference to the Knight Rider episodes where Michael's evil twin Garthe Knight also sports a goatee and mustache? Garthe Knight Microbekiller 07:58, 1 May 2007 (UTC)

It is much more likely to be a reference to Spock's evil twin having a goatee for two reasons. The first reason being that Star Trek did it first and the second being that Futurama has at least one, if not many more, reference to Trek in each episode. I guess it's possible but I think Spock is much more likely. Stardust8212 13:00, 1 May 2007 (UTC)

Cultural references[edit]

As I recently brought up at the wikiproject (here) it is time we did something about the cultural references sections. I am moving all unsourced references to the talk pages for the time being in hopes of creating a better, more thoroughly sourced article. Please discuss this action at the wikiproject link above so as not to split it over 72 different talk pages. The information removed from the article follows. Stardust8212 23:13, 9 February 2008 (UTC)

Cultural references[edit]

  • The Past-O-Rama sign carries the slogan, "It's Da Boom!" "Da Boom" was a FOX slogan during Futurama's first season and the title of an episode of Family Guy where The Griffins try to survive after the Y2K bug destroys the world.
  • The Past-O-Rama logo from the TV is done in the style of the Futurama opening credits.
  • The robot strip club is named Electric Ladyland, a reference to the Jimi Hendrix album
  • One of the strippers in the robot strip joint resembles Ilda, the robotic secretary from the 1960s DC Comics feature Star Hawkins.[1]
  • The Miss Universe pageant is a reference to the actual Miss Universe pageant, although in the Futurama universe contestants from other planets are able to enter. There are some jokes at the expense of the Miss America pageant, as well. Bob Barker hosted the Miss America pageant for many years, but resigned in protest over the pageant's awarding of fur coats as prizes.
  • In the Miss Universe pageant, the contestant Miss Heaven can be seen briefly. She is made up of glowing concentric circles, which is a reference to the structure of heaven in The Divine Comedy.
  • The winner of the Miss Universe Pageant resembles Purple Tentacle, the lead character from the LucasArts computer game Day of the Tentacle.
  • URL and Smitty appear on the TV show Cop Department, a parody of COPS.
  • The Past-o-Rama advertisement makes reference to Good Times, when Hammurabi says to Albert Einstein, "Dy-no-mite!" when Einstein asks him to disco dance with him.
  • The sign in the subway reads "Learn Spanglish."
  • The Planet Express crew's attempt to guess how much the tiara is worth (complete with Bender guessing one dollar more than Leela) references The Price Is Right.
  • One of the beauty pageant finalists is Miss Arrakis, a reference to Dune. She bears some resemblance to a Guild Navigator.
  • The "radiator woman" that Fry mentions is a possible reference to the 1977 David Lynch film Eraserhead.
  • When Bender is guarding the atom, he can be seen reading Pentium House. This is a rip at the magazine Penthouse and Intel Corporation's flagship product, the Pentium Processors.
  • In a brief scene, during when Fry is driving a car in Past-O-Rama out of control, there is a stage play happening, the song that is heard is New York, New York, by Frank Sinatra.