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The Townhouse wasn't the first UK studio to feature an A Series console: that was The Mill, and by all accounts would have been a B series (Serial number 4013 if memory serves - or was it 4011). The very first 4000 which was an "A" would of course have been The Studio in Stonefield, Colin Saunders' own studio. But then again, that was the prototype... Serial number 4012 (second production console to be built when to Denmark, and number 4011 - or was it 4013 - went to Germany. We're talking 1978.Anyhow, The Townhouse was the first UK commercial studio to feature an SL4000E series, ca. 1982.

Another quote that bothers me is "The studio was seminal in progressive rock". As the studio was started in 1978, progressive rock was nearly gone by then...


^ (not my text).

what is this supposed to mean:

The SSL B mixing desk still exists and works even better than back then "VinylCarvers". ? (talk) 13:12, 31 August 2011 (UTC)