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Walther Wever's successor[edit]

There seems to be some confusion on just whom succeeded Walther Wever. The Ural bomber stub and the Dornier Do 19 stub each read that Albrecht Kesselring, often somewhat misnomered Albert, succeeded Wever. The Junkers Ju 89 stub reads that Herman Goering succeeded Wever. Walther Wever's own stub reads that he was succeeded by Ernst Udet and Hans Jeschonnek. I think it's probably not unfair to say that Wever was succeeded by two people as he held two jobs in quick succession not too long before his death. It's also probably not any easier as I understand that the division of labor for Nazi military officers could be arbitrary and unclear. Still I tend to think we can safely eliminate Herman Goering as he would actually have been Wever's boss, although I'm not sure how Wever felt about that. Looking at Kesselrsing's article I see he did in fact succeed Wever as the Luftwaffe's Chief of Staff. There seems to be some confusion over Hans Jeschonnek because he was the Luftwaffe's Chief of General Staff. What's the distinction? I don't really know. It's less clear who succeeded Wever as Commander of the Reich Air Ministry. One might suppose it to be Ernst Udet. But in fact, Udet was Commander of the Air Ministry's T-Amt. It is entirely possible that since in many ways the Air Ministry was his personal office Goering simply declared himself Commander of the Air Ministry. And are we sure Wever's death was an accident?

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