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Venona Project[edit]

I have discovered some sources (David Weber's fiction series Empire of Man, and also this [post] refer to the Venona Project as the Ve*r*ona project. Due to this, it was difficult for me to find more information on this subject. I have added a link to the wiki page of this Venona project, at the bottom of this page.Willuknight 12:07, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

The Important Verona[edit]

Verona is far better known internationally than any of the American Veronas. This page should contain the Italian city and the other be listed in a disambiguation page.

I agree. If you created an account, you'd gain the ability to move pages, as well as a personalized watchlist and other features. It's quick, easy, and anonymous. You ought to. Meelar 05:09, 11 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Verona and Plurality[edit]

A pedantic discussion to be sure! jtvisona 070904

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary gives "Veronese" as the adjectival (and substantive noun) form. The problem, of course, is it's an awkward plural: no one would accept "Veroneses". When Shakespeare had to refer to two of them, he went for "of Verona"....<g> - Nunh-huh 22:18, 9 Jul 2004 (UTC)
Well, my Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 2nd Ed. lists the plural of Veronese as the same: Veronese. I think you missed the point that I made. Please check your dictionary to ensure that the plural isn't listed as Veronese also. Obviously the pl. couldn't be Veronseses, as you're right that it is absurd. The pt. I made is that the plural must either be Veronese (En.) or Veronesi (It.), but certainly not Veronesians or some such thing. Although I don't have the OED in my possession, I'm sure that it agrees with this Unabriged Webster's.
Vienna (sing.) -> Viennese (pl.) Ex. The Viennese gentleman finshed transacting business.
Verona (sing.) -> Veronese (pl.) Ex. The Veronese shops are closed early on Saturdays.
If you'd like me to actually confirm that the plural of Veronese is not Veronesian in the OED, I'd be more than happy too. While I don't actually care what you list the plural as, remember that every error made in this reference has the ability to propigate to do the free and popular nature of this material.
In the footsteps of pedantic,
jtvisona 071104
Hey there. Just a point of order. It would be technicanlly incorrect to say Veronesians, and here is why: In English, the town is Verona, and by extension of English rules, an inhabitant of Verona would be a Veronan or alternatively in English Veronese 'pr Vair oh nees'. However, admirably in the multicultural sense, you use the Italian adjectivial, veronese, such as 'Una veronese bellisima era qua oggi.' The plural of the adjectival ending -ese in Italian is -esi. Therefore, if there were two be in the city, it would be 'Due veronesi bellismi eranno qua oggi.' By using -ian with Veronese, you are mixing Italian and English, right? My guess is it's a parallel construction deduced from Venice, Venetian. Forse non ho ragione, ma come un Veneto (veramente un Americano-Veneto), sono degli Veneti, non degli Venetisians, non e vero?
Si. In Inglese se dice 'Veronese', non 'Veronsesians', ed in italiano se dice 'Veronesi'. La domanda e' <<Quale lingua usiamo in quest dizionario?>> Credo Inglese, quindi <<Veronese>> e non <<Veronesi>> come in Italiano. C'e' un altro dizionario per quella lingua. :D jtvisona 18:41, 11 June 2006 (UTC)


The language in much of this article is very disjointed, almost like it's been translated into english by a not-very-fluent english speaker. Unless anyone beats me to it, I'm going to try to clean it up in the near future. Blufive 01:16, 28 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Today (Th. August 25th 2005), the article still seems disjointed. I'm following up on Blufive's suggestion to rewrite it. Further revision is welcome. Kander 16:12, 25 August 2005 (UTC)

Greetings all. I dearly love Verona and I'm going back for a visit in June. My Italian is pretty good and I'd be happy to do a bit of on-the-ground research to improve this entry. I'm particularly interested in learning more about San Zeno (who was apparently Egyptian!). Let me know if there's anything I can contribute or anything you'd like photos of.

What's going on?[edit]

I wish to post a question on the Verona (Italy) talk page, but it keeps being redirected to the Talk:Verona (disambiguation) page, which is where i think my comment is being posted.

This is my question: In the demographics section, where did the info come from?

I would appreciate it if someone could sort both out as i am rather busy at the moment, and also do not how to sort the talk page problem out.

Thanks Stwalkerster 18:47, 25 September 2006 (UTC)

There were page moves in the past and the talk page got separated. Please respond to the question at Talk:Verona. olderwiser 18:57, 25 September 2006 (UTC)