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  • Regarding this film's 'notability', it was a great film with quite a bit of exposure having been broadcast on SyFy Channel and Hulu at various points. It also won numerous awards and honorary mentions. It also is notable due to its unique film-approach wherein the zombies are the perspective from which events proceed.
  • Someone needs to place BOTH movie posters on the page. One movie poster has it named 'Aaah! Zombies!' and the other has it named 'Wasting Away'. I might do it myself, but someone with more experience might be able to do it more readily.
  • Attention should be brought to the fact that the film had TWO titles by which it was released: 'Aaah! Zombies!' and 'Wasting Away'. Future edits should take care that this remain understood.

--MercWithMouth (talk) 10:13, 3 June 2012 (UTC)