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This article should include the general demographics of the blogging population - 30% USA, 6.7% UK, 53% aged 21-35, and balanced between male/female. This is based on a study by Sysomos based on analysis of 100 million blog posts. Further coverage at ReadWriteWeb and CBS News.

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NAME COURSE TUTOR INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION DATE OF SUBMISSION The Christian Tradition. The readings and discussions so far have developed a general view of God from a Christian perspective.  Discuss, using class materials, how this view of God can be used to help understand how or why Christians would see the environment as important to preserve.

When God created the universe he gave man a job to take care of the environment since it was part of his creation. God is the sole creator and therefore his creation should be protected according to His wishes. During the creation, God gave man a privilege among the other creatures of the earth and gave him the command to be a steward to all the creation in the Earth (Gen. 1:26-28). Therefore man has the freedom to act according to his wishes but the actions should remain within God’s boundaries. However, some Christians are of the view that the earth is entirely under the control of man since it is just a means to get to heaven. James Watt a prominent evangelist in the 1980’s stated that earth was just a temporary station to eternal life. According to some, the world is materialistic and therefore there is no need to take care of the environment. This is a view that completely goes against what God had commanded man to do. If the environment is left to sustain itself it will fail. In the modern world, global warming has become a global catastrophe since people have neglected to take care of the environment. Christians have a moral and divine duty to intervene and fight for the environment since it is part of God’s creation just as they are. Christians have a duty to God, a duty that man was given during the time of creation. Therefore taking care of the environment should be done not just to fulfill the wishes of God but also to make sure we preserve ourselves as part of creation. Violence is a key problem for our current society.  Choose one example of violence, describe it and relate this issue to some aspect of a Christian perspective.

Christianity has always been a religion of peace especially since Jesus main teachings were about peace on earth. However, in the current world acts of violence have increased and most of those are being committed against Christians. Terrorism is such an example of violence. The normal reaction would be to retaliate when such acts of violence are committed against you. However, the Gospel teaches that when one hits you on the right cheek, turn the other. Christians have the duty to promote peace just as Jesus did. Whether the terrorist acts continue or not, a Christian should always be willing to forgive those who have wronged them and try to encourage them to be peaceful.  The strongest driver of peace is faith. Without faith, a Christian cannot generate peace. Many scholars such as Regina Schwartz argue that Christianity is a violent religion drawing inferences from the biblical story of Cain. Her argument is that since God wants total commitment from His followers, those who do not heed to His call are to be countered with acts of violence. However, this is not what Jesus came to the world to promote. We are all part of God’s creation and therefore it is only God who has the right to determine when to use violence and when not to. Taking the law into their own hands as Christians makes them no less good than the people committing violent acts against them.  Jesus Christ set the perfect example by being persecuted continuously but never acting against those who tortured Him. All this was to free all people from sin and so that they could walk in righteousness again. This can be achieved if Christians get to learn about other faiths and build strong relationships with them. Sharing their faith and the Gospel with these other religions will just help to show the world that Christians are setting an example for peace. So before any Christian is tempted to commit a violent act, they should ask themselves, what would Jesus do?

Christians have a distinctive perspective of reality based on their connection to Jesus and the belief that Jesus is the Christ.  What does this belief mean and how does it make Christian belief distinct?

Each year Christians get to celebrate the birth, death and rising again of Jesus Christ. All this is based on the belief that Jesus was sent to earth to free mankind from all form of sins. The most important celebration in a Christian’s life is the death and resurrection of Jesus since it reassures them that there is still hope for mankind to be saved. Apostle Paul in his teachings said that if Christ did not rise then his preaching was just a waste of time (1 Cor. 15:14). Christ is the Son of God and therefore his death reaffirms the love of God and the lengths he was willing to go to, to ensure the salvation of mankind. Paul has a strong view of Christ, and his teachings were mainly based on His life on earth. He constantly reassured Christians that Christ indeed rose and their faith was not in vain. It is on this basis that the church was formed.  The church should not only celebrate the resurrection of Jesus but also proclaim the importance of this resurrection to the life of a Christian. Jesus’ defeat of death is a sign that Christians will resurrect by His power. It is a promise that they will resurrect one day and become victorious over all form of sin and death. An empty tomb is the sign of victory for Christians. This is a distinction from other religions because it shows that Christian’s faith is stronger and God is more powerful than the rest. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice which the Christian should base their faith on. Jesus will come for the second time to judge both the living and the dead, and therefore Christians should be ready for Him since no one knows the time of His arrival. His life on earth undoubtedly was pure and gave Christians the hope that God still loved them and he would do anything for His precious creation. Christians, therefore, have the duty to be unique from other religions by being the light that Jesus was and preach the message of God to all.

Christians believe that God is both creator and redeemer.  Choose one of these ideas and show how this view influences how Christians think about reality and other people.

Christians believe that God is the ultimate Supreme Being, he created man and then sent his son to redeem mankind from sin. When God created man he did so in His own image. Men are like God. But in the recent times, science has cast a dark shadow on the creation story. Not only does science oppose the theory of creation, it argues that man is a product of evolution. Science also disputes the presence of life after death. Although science may present a compelling argument on the reality of human life, the baseline remains that God has the supreme power over every living being. People have tried to integrate religion and science together but the two are conflicting concepts and would never get along. Christians believe that the life we live is controlled by God, he would take it away at his own time. He created a moral and good universe, as part of His divine plan. Furthermore, we are body and spirit, with the body acting as the temporary house for the spirit. When people die they leave their bodies behind and their spirit goes up to heaven. This is a phenomenon that science cannot explain. However, there are some aspects of science that make sense to Christians. Medicine is one such discipline. No matter how much Christians may want to separate science from their religion they mostly find themselves in situations where science is the only solution to their problems. Science has also shown experiments that are meant to make Christians doubt their faith in God. The reality for Christians is that all knowledge that man possesses whether scientific or religious all comes from God. Therefore all aspects of science should all be attributed to God since none of it would exist without Him. This was well proven when Jesus was in the world since he defied any scientific laws possible. This proved that with enough faith and courage Christians can do things that science itself cannot explain. For Christians, the reality is that the world is a temporary residence as everyone awaits to move on to the next world, Heaven.

Works cited Swedenborg, Emanuel and Jonathan S Rose. True Christianity. 1st ed., West Chester, Pa., Swedenborg Foundation, 2010. Blanchard, Dallas A and Terry J Prewitt. Religious Violence And Abortion. 1st ed., Gainesville, University Press Of Florida, 1993. Taylor, Daniel T. Christianity And Science. 1st Ed. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:19, 21 February 2017 (UTC)