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The introduction is wrong; this article deals with 2 genera (albeit one is monotypic and in fact its affinity with Xenops might not be as much proven fact as is assumed, given the massive amount of convergence in the entire Furnariidae). At any rate, the case for the Xenops being basal woodcreepers is quite robust. As the latter's page is also an assembly of species, not much harm is done in merging them (and actually, it would do some good too, as at present both pages are very stubby). One could go as far as to call the merged page Dendrocolaptinae, which redirects to Woodcreeper at present. See Fjeldsa et al, 2005 in the Woodcreeper article for a phylogeny. Dysmorodrepanis 10:30, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

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Good for Alphabet Games!!1![edit]