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Information Sources[edit]

Some of the text in this entry was rewritten from Los Alamos National Laboratory - Ytterbium. Additional text was taken directly from the Elements database 20001107 (via, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (via and WordNet (r) 1.7 (via Data for the table was obtained from the sources listed on the subject page and Wikipedia:WikiProject Elements but was reformatted and converted into SI units.

Relevance to quantum computing[edit]

Two companies have stated publicly that ions of ytterbium form the active elements of the qubits in their quantum computer designs. This style of a qubit is called a trapped ion qubit, and quantum computers based on this design are commonly referred to as trapped ion quantum computers. This contrasts with the superconducting qubit designs contemplated by most other companies that are doing work in this area.

The two companies are Honeywell (e.g. this Honeywell press release) and IonQ (e.g. this IonQ press release).

It's worth mentioning because of the significant popular interest in quantum computing. I have always failed to live up to Wikipedia's quality standards when I make edits myself, though, so I've decided I have to leave the edit itself to others.

dodecaboride surface conducts[edit]

Could mention Borides eg dodecaboride [1] - Rod57 (talk) 12:40, 16 September 2018 (UTC)