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If someone gets a picture of the ship, please add it to Commons; it would make a great addition to the article; also, it would be very welcome in the obvious location in the table at List of Registered Historic Places in King County, Washington#Seattle (yes, I realize it's not in Seattle any more) and presumably in List of Registered Historic Places in Washington#Bellingham. - Jmabel | Talk 09:13, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

San Francisco/California local help[edit]

While Zodiac is now based in Washington state the historical period of importance is the 41 years active operation centered in the San Francisco, California area as the pilot vessel California. There the vessel was of real note as the "greeter" of commercial and naval vesselsarriving and departing Golden Gate—including those troop ships where California was the last real contact with "home" as the ship set out to war—and, in the last decade at least as a unique one the city. A personal recollection is of coming in from weeks at sea and taking on a pilot with some of the ship's officers commenting on what a perfect symbol of the city a sailing pilot vessel made. Everywhere else we had motor vessels, some quite nice themselves, come along. Only at San Francisco one would take on or drop the pilot with an "antique" sailing vessel, a perfect match for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. People normally not much interested in the pilot vessel would come on deck to look at this one. A case could be made for moving this article to California as with obscure commercial vessels that had a brief period of notable service in WW II under a USS or other operating name and sank back into obscurity under an original name. In my opinion this is a toss up with a good case for using the historic Zodiac name so probably best left as is with redirects. In any case, the article could use a boost from those with local San Francisco or California resources. Palmeira (talk) 13:58, 3 October 2014 (UTC)