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Tara Flynn
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County Cork, Ireland

Tara Flynn is an Irish actor and writer, best known for her comedy work.


Flynn has written three satirical books: You're Grand: The Irishwoman's Secret Guide to Life,[1][2] Giving Out Yards: The Art of Complaint, Irish Style[3][4][5] and Rage-In: Trolls and Tribulations of Modern Life [6]

She was a founding member of comedy singing group 'The Nualas'.[7][8]

She is a voice artist and was the voice of Molly in RTE's 'The Morbegs'.[9][10][4]

She uses satire for activism, as in YouTube sketches such as 'Racist B&B', 'Armagayddon' and 'The Case for Mammy / Daddy Marriage'.[11]

In 2015, as part of Amnesty International Ireland's 'She is not a Criminal' campaign, she spoke publicly for the first time about traveling to the Netherlands for an abortion (abortion was illegal in Ireland at the time).[12][13] She has since been a vocal campaigner for reproductive rights and the repeal of Ireland's 8th amendment.[4]

In 2017, Flynn provided the voiceover on TV3's remake of Blind Date.[14][15][16] She took over the role first done by Graham Sidmore in the original 1980s show.[14]


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