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Temple of Taraknath with Dudhpukur tank in the foreground

The Taraknath temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva worshiped as Taraknath, is a major pilgrimage spot in the town of Tarakeswar, West Bengal, India. Built in 1729, the temple is an atchala structure of Bengal temple architecture with a 'natmandir' in front. Close by are the shrines of Kali and Lakshmi Narayan. Dudhpukur, a tank to the north of the Shiva temple is believed to fulfil the prayers of those taking a dip in it.[1]


As per local legends, the temple has built after a dream led the mendicant brother of Raja Vishnu Das to a Linga in the jungles near Tarakeswar, by discovered the after he was led to it by a dream. The temple was later built around the swayambhu linga (self-manifested) referred as Baba Taraknath in 1729 AD.[1][2]


Pilgrims visit the temple throughout the year, especially on Mondays. But thousands of pilgrims visit Tarakeswar on the occasions of 'Shivaratri' and 'Gajan', the former taking place in Phalgun (Feb-March) while the latter lasts for five days ending on the last day of Chaitra (mid-April). The month of Sravana (mid-July to mid-August) is auspicious for Shiva when celebrations are held n each Monday.


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