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Tauno Marttinen (27 September 1912 – 18 July 2008) was a Finnish composer of contemporary classical music.

Born in Helsinki, Marttinen studied in Viipuri and Helsinki. His earliest works are mainly late romantic. His output includes ten symphonies, several concertos, operas and chamber music, among others. In 1965, Marttinen was awarded a Pro Finlandia medal.

Marttinen was named a professor by the president Urho Kekkonen in 1972. A long-time resident of Hämeenlinna, the composer spent his last years in Turenki.

The only worldwide Foundation "Tauno Marttisen Kunniaksi" (Foundation in honouring Tauno Marttinen) is situated in The Netherlands, with Leeuwarden as residence.

Operatic works[edit]

  • Päällysviitta (1963)
  • Kihlaus (1964)
  • Tulitikkuja lainaamassa (1966)
  • Lea (1967)
  • Poltettu oranssi (1968)
  • Mestari Patelin (1970–1974)
  • Noitarumpu (1976)
  • Suuren joen laulu (1980)