Taza Khurmatu

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Arabic: تازة خورماتو‎ Tazat Khurmatu

Turkish: Tazehurmatu
Arabic: تازة خورماتو‎ Tazat Khurmatu is located in Iraq
Arabic: تازة خورماتو‎ Tazat Khurmatu
Arabic: تازة خورماتو‎ Tazat Khurmatu
Coordinates: 35°18′10″N 44°19′43″E / 35.30278°N 44.32861°E / 35.30278; 44.32861
Country Iraq
Time zoneUTC+3

Taza Khurmatu or Taza (Arabic: تازة خورماتو Tazat Khurmatu‎, Turkish: Tazehurmatu, lit. 'New Khurmatu') is a town in Iraq located just south of Kirkuk.[1] It is populated predominantly by Shia Turkmens.[2][1] In 2009 it was the site of the 20 June 2009 Taza bombing, where more than 70 people were killed by a suicide bomber.[3] In June 2014, along with the nearby villages of Brawawchli, Karanaz, Chardaghli, and Bashir, it experienced a massacre of at least 40 villagers committed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.[4] It is currently controlled by the Peshmerga[5] and PMU.[6][7][8] In March 2016, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fired mortars containing an unidentified chemical agent killing one and injuring 600.[9][10][11]

Taza Khurmatu, along with Altun Kupri, Amerli, Bashir, Bustamli, Mahalabiyah, Qarah Tappah, Sulaiman Bek, Tal Afar, Tuz Khormato, and Yankjah, make up the largest Turkmen-majority cities in Iraq, while Mosul, Kirkuk, Kifri, Daquq, Muqdadiyah, Jalawla, and Saadiyah have significant Turkmen minority populations.


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