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The first theatre

The Teatro Coliseo is a theatre in Retiro neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina which opened on July 8, 1905.


The Coliseum Theatre opened in 1905 as living the American circus clown Frank Brown, of great importance in the origins of the Creole circus and theater in Argentina. On August 27, 1920 from the terrace of the same Enrique Telémaco Susini made one of the first radio broadcasts in history, inaugurating there the LOR Radio Argentina. The theater was closed in 1937, and its building bought by the Italian government, designed some projects for its transformation into a cultural center, where exhibitions and events were held. However, the ideas were cut short by the outbreak of World War II, the building was partially demolished in 1938, and the ruins were vacant lot behind a wall. In the following years, the Italian government decided to build a new building to house part of the Consulate General of his country in Buenos Aires, preserving the theater.

In 1961 was inaugurated the current theater with the representation of The Saint of Bleecker Street of Giancarlo Menotti by the company's Teatro Argentino of La Plata.

In 1971, the architects Mario Bigongiari and Maurizio Mazzocchi and brothers Luis and Alberto Morea by remodeling the room and the building of the Buenos Aires Coliseum were made, with the transfer of the Italian Consulate and installation of the Italian Institute of Culture in the building the theater.

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