Ted's Montana Grill

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Ted's Montana Grill
GenreCasual dining
FoundedJanuary 2002; 17 years ago (2002-01)
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Ted's Montana Grill is an American restaurant chain. The company was founded by media mogul and bison rancher Ted Turner along with restaurateur George McKerrow Jr. with the help of corporate chef Chris Raucci as a for-profit effort to stop the extinction of the American bison. The first Ted's Montana Grill opened in January 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.[1] Today it has 45 restaurants in 17 states. Its first Montana location opened at the Baxter Hotel in Bozeman in June 2008.[2] The company is based in Atlanta.

All bison served is National Bison Association-certified; the menu includes several other kinds of meats and vegetables.[3] As part of the restaurant's unusual but aggressive approach to environmentalism, it "re-introduced the paper straw" which has not been produced in the United States since 1970[4] to avoid using plastic. They have also eco-friendly bathrooms, using dual flush toilets and eco-friendly soap. The restaurants routinely use $1 coins and $2 bills when they give change to customers.[5]

Entrance to Bozeman Ted's bar area from Baxter Hotel lobby
Sign for Bozeman, Montana Ted's



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