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Creator William Shatner
Original work TekWar (1989)
Print publications
Novels See text.
Comics TekWorld
Films and television
Films See TekWar (TV series)
Television series See above
Video games William Shatner's TekWar

TekWar is a series of science fiction novels created by William Shatner and ghost-written by science-fiction author Ron Goulart,[1] published by Putnam. The novels gave rise to a comic book series, video game and later TV movies and a series, both of the latter featuring Shatner.


The 23rd century universe is centered on "tek"—an illegal, addictive, mind-altering digital drug in the form of a microchip.[2][3] The drug has the effect of simulated reality (as shown in the films and series), and taps into "the matrix" hyperspace. The protagonist, Jake Cardigan, is a former police officer who is framed for dealing in the drug four years before the start of the story. Having been sentenced to 15 years' cryo-imprisonment, he is released early. After discovering that Walt Bascom, the powerful head of a private security firm, arranged for the early release, Jake goes to work for Bascom as an investigator dedicated to tracking down the real Tek lords.


Shatner began to write notes that would become the novels on the set of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and is quoted to say that the original book was an attempt to blend elements from Star Trek and T. J. Hooker.[4][5][6] There are strong similarities between the story of the initial Tek novel (and TV pilot) and Ron Goulart's 1985 novel, Brainz Inc., which involves a murder mystery involving an heiress who is presumed dead and her android duplicate, who shares her memories and personality.[citation needed] Unlike the Tek story the earlier novel's plot is played for humor.


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Comic book series[edit]

Main article: TekWorld

In 1992, Tekwar was adapted in to a comic book series.

A new Tekwar comic book adaptation, entitled Tek War Chronicles, by Shatner and comic book writer Scott Davis was released by Bluewater Productions on June 24, 2009.[7] As of 2010, Tek War Chronicles is available digitally exclusively through Devil's Due Digital.

Trading cards[edit]

Trading cards with comic book artwork were published by Cardz in 1993.[8][9]

Television films and series[edit]

The Tekwar novels became a film and television franchise in 1994.

TV movies
Title USA Release Running Time
TekWar[10] 23 January 1994 97 minutes
TekWar: TekLords[11] 20 February 1994 96 minutes
TekWar: TekLab[12] 27 February 1994 105 minutes
TekWar: TekJustice[13] 14 May 1994 100 minutes
TekWar[14] TV series
Episode Episode Title USA Release
1 Sellout[15] 22 December 1994
2 Unknown Soldier[16] 29 December 1994
3 Tek Posse[17] 5 January 1995
4 Promises to Keep[18] 12 January 1995
5 Stay of Execution[19] 19 January 1995
6 Alter Ego[20] 2 March 1995
7 Killer Instinct[21] 9 March 1995
8 Chill Factor[22] 30 March 1995
9 Deadline[23] 6 April 1995
10 Carlotta's Room[24] 13 April 1995
11 Deep Cover[25] 10 June 1995
12 Cyberhunt[26] 17 June 1995
13 Zero Tolerance[27] 24 June 1995
14 Forget Me Not[28] 1 July 1995
15 The Gate[29] 20 January 1996
16 Skin Deep[30] 27 January 1996
17 Redemption[31] 2 February 1996
18 Betrayal[32] 19 February 1996

Video game[edit]

Tekwar was also made into a 1995 computer game by Capstone Software using the Build engine.


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