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This template expands a name – split over two lines – to link to the appropriate railway station article, without displaying "railway station".

  • The text will inherit the alignment of the parent cell, but can be overridden by applying the parameter "|align=left" or "|align=right".
  • The first and second parameters are the two lines. They are combined to form the station name. The words railway station are not needed.
  • The third parameter (alternatively "|3=" or "|S=") will change the default words "railway station" in the link to its contents.
  • The fourth parameter (alternatively "|4=") will change both lines to italic text. Any character or text can be used.
  • The fifth parameter (alternatively "|5=") will change both lines to bold text. Any character or text can be used.
  • The separating line can be forced to appear by providing an argument for the parameter "|line=anything".
  • Background colors can be specified by providing a valid html color or hex triplet for the parameters "|bg1=" (top line) and "|bg2=" (bottom line).

For example:

Incorrect uses

If either line of text is empty, the page that the template is used on will be a member of Category:Pages using BSto or BSsrws with missing text values.

See also

  • {{BSsplit}} for two lines of text with a wikilink
  • {{BSto}} for two lines of unequal-height text
  • {{BScvt}} for two distances

A number of other templates provide the same function for specific systems: