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[[{{{1}}} railway station|{{{1}}}]]

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This template expands a name (first parameter) to link to the appropriate railway station article, without displaying "railway station".

The optional second parameter determines the location. (In the expansion it is added following “railway station” and is separated by a comma.)

The optional third parameter capitalises "Railway Station".

Almost all stations in Australia follow the link form of terminating with "railway station, Place-name", while those in New Zealand are mostly "Railway Station, Place-name".

Valid arguments are

A Adelaide
B Brisbane
M Melbourne
N or NSW New South Wales
P Perth
Q Queensland
S Sydney
SA South Australia
V Victoria
W or WA Western Australia
Z or NZ New Zealand

Alternate text can be specified by using the optional parameter alt=.


{{stnlnkA|High Street|NSW}} expands to [[High Street railway station, New South Wales|High Street]]
{{stnlnkA|Dunedin||S}} expands to [[Dunedin Railway Station|Dunedin]]
{{stnlnkA|Perth|P|alt=Perth Underground}} expands to [[Perth railway station, Perth|Perth Underground]].

The template can be abbreviated as {{rwsA}} or {{rwsa}} (for Railway Station Australasia).

Discretion should be used on whether to name the place itself or the station that serves it. In railway articles it is generally preferred to use the station unless specifically talking about the place, for example that Albion serves the suburb of Albion.

See also[edit]

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