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Suez Canal
Mediterranean Sea
Approaches(Southward convoy waiting area)
0.0 Port Said
lighthouse, fishing harbour, cruise terminal
Port Said (city), former headquarters
Port Said harbour, Port Fuad (city),
East Port, SCCT container terminal
E-class turning dock
Shohada 25 January Bridge
Ballah (former by-pass)
Eastern lane: second shipping lane, New Suez Canal[1]
El Ferdan Railway Bridge
76.5 Ismaïlia, SCA headquarters
Lake Timsah
95.0 Deversoir
Great Bitter Lake
Small Bitter Lake
Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel
overhead powerline
162 Suez, Suez Port
Petroleum Dock, Port Tewfik
Gulf of Suez(Northward convoy waiting area)
Red Sea

Navigable canal
Dock, industrial or logistical area
Village or town, feature
Railroad (defunct) with swing bridge


  1. ^ "New Suez Canal". Government of Egypt (Suez Canal Authority). Retrieved 2015-08-12. 
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Suez Canal


  • scheme Egypt govt
  • [1] Navigational Circular 5/2015, formal rules
  • charts by official supplier edwardomarine.com
  • The new section cuts through the El Fardan railway line bridge. No confirmation found that the line & bridge is operational as of today.
  • By all means, understand that the "New" is a promotional word, not a descriptive one.

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