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Future template layout[edit]

I'd like to use this template in the future, once articles for more of the DDR versions are done:

Games from the Dance Dance Revolution series
Japan: 1stMIX - 2ndMIX - 3rdMIX - 4thMIX - 5thMIX - MAX (6thMIX) - MAX2 (7thMIX) - EXTREME
Solo Mixes - Best Hits - Extra Mix - Party Col. - Festival - DDR w/ Mario
North America: DDR - DDR USA - Konamix - MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Ultramix - Ultramix 2
See also: Dancing Stage - Disney versions - Gameboy versions

Criteria for inclusion: notability[edit]

The criteria for inclusion in this navbox is not that a game exists by that name but that a sourced article exists on each topic. It would be overkill to even attempt to include all the redirects, and they should be adequately covered in the main list of DDR games anyway. czar 05:58, 30 January 2016 (UTC)

I would have to gather up more sources for each article in question, but nevertheless, there are sources that exist. Just as a quick reference, DDR MAX and Solo 2000 were featured on Fox 6 News, and SuperNOVA has IGN pre-release coverage. I agree that some articles may need to be merged (for example, I believe MAX and MAX 2 should be merged, and so should SuperNOVA and SuperNOVA 2), but to delete them altogether is removing a lot of important information. I'd like to hear some feedback regarding all of this. --True Tech Talk Time (talk) 02:33, 31 January 2016 (UTC)
(Hear from me or from others?) The general feeling (summed up here) was that the old articles were overgrown and collecting video game trivia, so pare them back to a single list of games, and source them as well as possible there. If there are enough sources to spin out into a separate article, so be it. But the idea is to focus on getting sourced sections before spinning out to dedicated articles. Yes, that will mean a lot of entries will be missing from the navbox, but it also means that otherwise we're sending people to articles devoid of verifiable content. czar 03:28, 31 January 2016 (UTC)
The way that I see it, leaving out the mixes (3rdMix to 6thMix plus SuperNOVA 1 and 2, inclusively) in the "Main arcade series" section is like taking an artist (I edited articles about Jump5 and ZOEgirl, for example) and arbitrarily leaving out some studio albums from the infobox. I guess a better example is the article List of ZOEgirl compilation albums I created. Back to DDR: how is MAX 2 notable, but not MAX 1? In MAX 2, 37 of the 116 songs (so nearly a third) premiered in MAX 1. MAX 2 omits only 5 songs that MAX 1 had. I've implemented a merge before (MAX 1 and MAX 2 in one article), but that was rejected too. For SuperNOVA, the arcade articles are deleted, but two articles about less notable home games remain. Why not just make one article about the SuperNOVA series and all its games, arcade or home? These titles received notable coverage from E3, IGN and more. The home game was used by my city (Ottawa) for its healthy eating and exercise program. I think the way things are currently going with users editing and redirecting DDR articles on Wikipedia is crazy and draconian. This needs to be put to an end to prevent edit wars and to keep the articles in good shape. --True Tech Talk Time (talk) 07:54, 9 February 2016 (UTC)
We make dedicated articles based on significant coverage—if an album is a dud (for whatever reason) and has no reviews or secondary source coverage, we have to cover it in proportion (due weight), which in this case would be the appropriate section of the DDR game list. As of right now, DDRMAX2 doesn't cite a single secondary source, so it would be fine to merge to the main list, however it would have enough coverage for its own article if someone were to add the vetted video game sources from its Metacritic page. (Same for DDRMAX1.) Along with this idea of proportionality, unless you have sources that cover the "SuperNOVA" subseries or the "history of DDR" as discrete ideas, articles should not be broken out in that manner. If anything, they should be covered in the existing DDR articles (the main series and the list) and can always spin out summary style if there is enough coverage. The list, by the way, can be reformatted to be more than a listing if there are reliable, secondary sources with stuff to say on each release. czar 13:54, 9 February 2016 (UTC)